How to Be More Positive: 12 Ways to Bring Positivity to Life

Amber Murphy

The sound of the alarm wakes you up in the morning as you drag yourself out of bed, ready for another long day ahead. You get to your bathroom, and the water is too cold for your shower. In the kitchen, there’s no breakfast available. You turn on your television, and all you see are violence, corruption, and gossip about celebrities. Outside, the rain is pouring cats and dogs, and there are endless traffic jams to your workplace facing the dreaded Monday morning. The sound of rain lulls you to sleep, but you know for a fact that you need to be on your toes for that early department meeting. When your everyday routine starts like this, being positive is almost a distant dream.

Life, nowadays, is consumed by technology. Humans are living in a fast-paced environment where everything can be achieved with a flick of a finger. Patience has become a thing of the past. As such, everyone seems to be in a hurry to accomplish things, which results in constant pressure and stress.

You are bombarded with different information from every corner. The world has gotten smaller, and everyone is fighting for survival. You end up questioning your confidence and capability. And, negative self-talk becomes a habit that is pulling you down consistently as you stay afloat to keep ends meet. At the end of the day, you still feel half empty and expect the worst in all situations. That even if you also receive if you received blessings, you anticipate problems or issues that will come after. And such behavior overshadows the positive things that happened in your life.

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12 ways to be more positive

When your daily routine is dragging yourself out of bed, dreading every moment or every minute of your day. When you wish that there is an additional day in the weekend to slack off and unwind for a bit, but you see tons of bills and debts unpaid. So you wonder how to become positive when the world is full of negativity? Here are a few things on how to be more positive:

1. Meditate

In a world where everyone is in a rush, it pays to pause and reflect on everything around you. Meditation allows you to focus on one thing at a time. When you meditate, you connect with your inner self, your mental state, giving you a sense of calm and oneness with your whole being. Too often, you are caught up saying things you don’t mean or want to do something but do not dare to do so. Meditation helps you look at things from a different perspective allowing you to see the bigger picture rather than the small details. As such, it rejuvenates your spirit as you tackle your day head-on.

2. Keep a journal

A journal provides an avenue where your emotions and thoughts can run freely without the fear of being judged. It is a safe outlet that allows you to unravel all those hidden or pent up emotions as well as uncover and plan for your goals and aspirations. Not just a virtual confidante, it can even serve as a personal counselor. Through journaling, you can often find the answers to all the questions that you have been asking for. It’s a constant reminder that your book is not yet finished. Sometimes you need to close a chapter to start a new one.

Working out the body helps work out the brain

3. Exercise

Exercise brings out endorphins inside your body, which makes you happy. You will be amazed by how much a movement can improve your mood. Also, it allows you to relax tense muscles and nerves throughout your body, making you feel alive and happy. Rather than sulking, pick up those running shoes and go on a 20-minute sprint. If you are suffering from insomnia, try jogging or hitting the gym regularly to de-stress and help your anxiety level subside.

4. Be grateful

The reason people become stressed is they focus too much on the things they don’t have when they should be thankful for the things they have. Instead of starting your day thinking about your horrible boss or impossible deadlines, start your day with an attitude of gratitude. Having an attitude of gratitude allows you to shift your perspective and appreciate the little things that you have. And when you understand the little things in life, you are preparing yourself for the bigger things that are yet to come. It helps to take note of the things that you’re grateful for, like keeping a gratitude journal and listing at least three things each day you’re thankful for. Yet another option is to have a gratitude partner whom you can share your daily gratitude list. This way, someone will check in with you to ensure you are instilling the habit in your routine. Doing this will help you keep tabs of all the blessings that have come your way, giving you a positive outlook in life.

5. Have a positive mantra

As silly as it may sound, having a positive mantra helps you deal with the mundane of life with courage and hope. You can create a visual affirmation and places them in locations that are visible to you, whether it be on your mirror or cabinet. To make it work, you must repeat the mantra every day until it instilled in your heart. Beat the negative self-talk and overshadow them with positive ones. Remember that the most important conversations are the ones with yourself.

Do the things you love to be more positive

6. Find your happy pill

Finding a hobby that makes you happy will help you channel your emotions. Whether it be a skill you want to enhance or a new hobby, you want to learn, making this a grand excuse to dive into the challenge finally. A hobby gives you a sense of fulfillment for every accomplished task, such as when you bake your first cake or finally play a song on your guitar. Others find joy in creating something out of nothing, such as drawing or painting. And instead of keeping all the pent up emotions to yourself, redirect those feelings.

7. Enjoy nature

Nature is an excellent reminder of the beautiful things around the world that are yet to be explored. Be mesmerized at the beautiful landscape and interact or observe wildlife. It reminds you that there’s someone out there taking care of mother nature. When you stand in the middle of the forest, you realize that you are a speck in the universe. Whatever you are going through, these things will pass. Rather than be negative, be a positive contributor to the world we are living in.

It doesn’t need to be anything complicated either. Just get out there and talk a simple walk through your local park or even just outside your home.

8. Smile

A smile is a simple gesture that could bring sunshine in a dull man’s world. And it is one of the simplest ways to spread light and positivity to people around you. Smile even to strangers as you wouldn’t know the difference you can bring into their day. Despite the gloomy weather or unfavorable circumstance, smile still. Fake it until you make it. Because your smile is worth a thousand words that can attract good things in your life.

Be mindful of what limits you from being more positive

9. Be mindful

Observe yourself and find your trigger points. Uncover circumstances or situations that make you angry, frustrated, or even happy. Rather than being caught in a vicious cycle of endless worries, you have to identify the starting point. Once you have unveiled the cause, it would be easier to handle it head-on rather than allowing it to devour you.

10. Mind your inputs

You have to make sure that you keep filter all the information that goes to your mind. Be choosy in what you watch or listen to. Garbage in garbage out. If all that you listen to are gossips, then expect to be always suspicious, rubbing you off with a peaceful mind. But if you spend your time listening to podcasts or watching inspirational stories or reading books, it can alter the way you think and see the world.

It doesn’t help that we’re inundated with a ton of negativity online through news outlets and social media apps. If this stuff is weighing you down, consider taking a social media detox.

11. Escape the bucket full of crabs

Avoid the crab mentality. So this means you need to get rid of or at least try to make minimal contact with negative people instead find your tribe. Look for positive friends or influences that can help you have a positive disposition and outlook in life. One reason why mental health has lately become an issue is that people allow themselves to be swallowed with the negative comments around them. Their sense of belonging is based on the number of likes and friends they have on their social media accounts. Don’t waste your energy impressing the people you don’t even like. Instead, spend more time with people who matter most to you.

Limit the complaining and negativity to be more positive

12. Watch your words

You are what you say. What you say can be a sword to another’s heart or a shield that gives them hope. Can you imagine a day where all you hear are people complaining? What a dreadful day it is, and you feel your energy creeping away. Rather than just whining, do something about it period find a good thing to say or even try to compliment other people and see their faces transform.

The truth is you will not always get everything that you want in life period, so when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Start being more positive today

Positivity is a skill. It takes effort, work, time, and most of all, kindness to yourself. If you find yourself slipping or being more negative than usual, it won’t help to be so hard on yourself.

Instead, give yourself a break. Pause. Restart. Try again.

It just needs to be one small act or deed today to move you into the right direction and start living a much more positive and positivity filled life.

Do you have any tips or strategies to ensure you’re being more positive? Leave them in the comments below and share some positivity.

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