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5 Ways Self Pity is Harmful and 4 Ways to Let it Go

We've all been dealt a lousy hand, subjected to injustice and cruelty, or had to suffer the consequences of being…

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What Is Positive Self Talk: Benefits and Techniques

Consciously or unconsciously, everyone mumbles or talks to himself. Things that are said can sometimes be negative or positive. If…

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How to Meet New People and Find Friends in 2021

While it can be intimidating to meet new people, expanding your network will help you meet people from different backgrounds…

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Fearful Avoidant Attachment: What This Means in Relationships

In psychology, the subject of "attachment theory" presupposes that the way we relate to people in relationships in adulthood began…

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17 Resilience Quotes to Help You Overcome Any Obstacle

The vast majority of people have gone through some circumstances in our lives that have been hard and in which…

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52 Good Deeds to Do Every Week in 2021

So, for a moment, let’s remember how bad 2020 was for most people. People cried. People got sick. People died.…

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