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what is merkaba meditation

What Is Merkaba Meditation?

When people turn to meditation, they encounter a world of terms they may have never encountered before. Merkaba meditation has…

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a little girl blowing bubbles out of a window.

16 Mindfulness Activities for Kids That Are Fun and Teach Mindfulness

Kids don’t have to face the daily stressors of adult life, but sometimes they get anxious just like the rest…

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Journaling Techniques to Give You Peace of Mind

Journaling has the proven power to give you greater peace of mind while helping you develop valuable insights into yourself…

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Meditation Across Life Stages: Tailored Practices for All Ages

Imagine a tool so versatile, it adapts effortlessly to the ever-changing landscape of your life, offering solace during tumultuous times…

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What Is Mindfulness Movement Meditation

Have you ever felt like you’re on autopilot as you go through the day? You may feel like you aren’t…

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Overcoming Perfectionism: Strategies for a Healthier Outlook on Life and Work

In the quiet hours of the morning, with the sun barely peeking over the horizon, I found myself staring at…

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