Meditation Timer App

Declutter The Mind is a meditation app that includes a meditation timer and guided meditation practices. It’s not an average meditation app, it’s your meditation timer app.

a cell phone with a picture of an hourglass on it.

A meditation timer app to enhance your practice

Practicing meditation becomes easier when you use a timer. Simply sit, set the timer, and never allow your mind to become preoccupied with “how much time do I have left?” again.

An unguided meditation can be practiced with any timer. Whether it’s the timer on your stove or an alarm clock. However, a meditation timer app is ideal for those looking to enhance their practice.

Declutter The Mind is a meditation timer app that includes more than a simple meditation timer. It also includes guided meditation practices, meditation courses, and it keeps track of your meditation progress.

With Declutter The Mind, integrate it with Apple Health to keep track of how many minutes you’re sitting mindfully per day, even if you’re just using the timer.

To keep your practice fresh and unique every day, Declutter The Mind offers a Daily Guided Meditation.

How it works

With Declutter The Mind, it’s simple.

Open the app and find the Unguided meditation category. Here you’ll find timers ranging from a quick 5 minutes all the way up to 30 minutes.

When the timer starts, you will hear a Tibetan bowl gong. At the halfway mark of the practice, you’ll hear another gong.

Finally, at the end of the practice, you’ll hear 3 gongs signalling that the session is over.

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…sit, set your timer, and practice

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a cell phone with a picture of an hourglass on it.

Download the app and meditate today