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Declutter The Mind offers different styles and kinds of meditation practices to best suit everyone’s different levels of experience and needs.

Within our app, you’ll find different features to make learning to meditate and deepening your practice as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Growing free meditation library

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Declutter The Mind offers an ever growing library of free guided meditation practices. Our library offers meditation for Mindfulness, Anxiety and Stress, Sleep and Relaxation, Managing Emotions, Mental Health, Productivity, and Unguided.

Within each category, we offer various guided practices, in different lengths, from 5 minutes all the way to 30 minutes. Each practice can be completed more than once and you’re free to Favorite the ones that help you the most.

Meditation courses

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In addition to the meditation library for one-off sessions, every month, new meditation courses are added, teaching mindfulness and more.

There are 10, 30, and even 60 day courses that will take you from a beginner to a concept or type of practice, all the way to a confident practitioner.

For example, our featured course is a 30 day mindfulness course that’s designed for beginners and meditation novices, that will help you practice mindfulness, learn how to meditate, form the habit, and deepen your practice.

Daily meditation

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To keep your practice fresh and unique everyday, Declutter The Mind offers a Daily Meditation.

Sometimes, you’re just not sure which practice to choose from when you’re faced with a seemingly endless library of practices. Sometimes, you’re looking for a quick session and don’t want to be bothered with making a decision. Other times, you simply find your favorite practice a little stale or tired.

With the Daily Meditation, you’ll receive a new and original guided meditation for just today. The next day, you’ll find something else. The idea is to introduce you to different types of practices and concepts, while keeping things fresh.

Reminders, stats, and more

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All the other features you expect to help you maintain your practice and build the habit are here. Reminders, stats, Apple Health, and more.

400+ Free Meditation Practices

See our growing library of free guided meditation practices, courses, and daily meditation practices.

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