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How to Deal With A Breakup

There are two ways to deal with a breakup: the healthy way and the unhealthy way. The unhealthy way to…

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13 Ideas to Start Paying It Forward in 2023

The Pay It Forward movement is an international initative to spread kindness and compassion to others in our daily interactions…

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13 Reasons Why You Are Worthy

You are worthy. You might not always feel like you are, though. People may even actively make you feel the…

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13 Ways to Embrace New Beginnings in 2023

As a new year is about to start, it's time to reflect on our past and make way for new…

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Focused meditation: What Is It, Benefits, and Tips

In a meditation practice, having a focal point can help you stay present. After all, sitting quietly and focusing on…

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How Does Shallow Breathing Affect Our Entire Bodies?

We breathe constantly throughout our days with minimal attention. However, there's a big difference between shallow breathing and deep breathing…

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