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Declutter The Mind

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Declutter The Mind is a meditation app that demystifies meditation, unlocks the benefits of a regular practice, and helps you form the habit through an ever growing free library of guided meditation.

You’ll find everything from Vipassana to Loving-Kindness and practices that are designed to help improve mental health, reduce anxiety, help you sleep, and more.

Our mission

Technology is an interesting paradox. Our phones are probably the most distracting thing we own. Our phones can also be the tool that keeps us and reminds us to be mindful more than anything else.

We built Declutter The Mind from the ground up and with our own background, teachings, and experience with mindfulness meditation to help unlock the benefits of mindfulness to everyone.

Our goal is to bring an approachable, practical, and realistic experience and teachings to anyone who’s suffering or wants to better understand their mind.

We want to do this by demystifying and removing the myth and hyperbole around meditation. Sitting down and observing the mind should be as commonplace as going to the gym.

We want to create a world where everyone takes their mental health as serious as their physical health. Declutter The Mind serves to help bridge that gap.

Meet our instructor

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Corey Ferreira

I’ve been meditating for over 14 years and practicing mindfulness and Vipassanā. It started when I was in highschool and on a field trip. The goal of the field trip was to visit different temples and churches of different religions to gain an appreciation.

I was immediately drawn to Buddhism during our visit to a Buddhist temple. Part of the visit was learning how to meditate. At first, I thought it was strange or weird, but for whatever reason, I decided to try to learn more about it after my visit that day.

For years I thought I “knew” how to meditate but it wasn’t until I started to go on meditation retreats and read books on mindfulness, Vipassanā, and meditation, that I gained some clarity in my practice but I couldn’t help but see how tied to religion and spirituality meditation was.

There weren’t apps or websites at that time to learn this, so everything I learned came with a spiritual, religious, or even superstitious undertone.

I felt like I was beginning to see the benefits of meditation, such as helping with my social anxiety, catastrophizing, and self-conciousness, but it was difficult for me to deepen my knowledge and practice without finding a retreat or book tied to something spiritual or religious.

Eventually, as meditation began to enter the mainstream, there came more scientific evidence to the benefits of meditation, and secular books and teachings around how to meditate. Even still, there is a lot of mythology, misinformation, and sometimes misrepresentation of meditation in the mainstream.

It wasn’t until I was truly tested in my life that I saw how much meditation and mindfulness actually helped me. It was when my father passed away from cancer a few years ago. During his time of suffering, his death, and after his death, mindfulness and meditation allowed me to be the strong one for my family. Mindfulness also allowed me to appreciate the time left I had with my father and truly be in the moment with him before he passed.

A year after he passed, I decided I wanted to share how much meditation has helped my life, helped me deal with suffering, and manage my anxiety, with the rest of the world. I was very familiar with guided meditation apps, and I still used a few of them, but I wanted to create something I loved and would use.

I created Declutter The Mind because I wanted to create an app that taught mindfulness and offered guided meditation from someone that’s accessible. Someone who’s not a monk. Someone who doesn’t make a living teaching people to meditate. I wanted to create something that would allow people to learn to meditate without any of the spiritual connotations, while still keeping some of the important insights into life and the mind that come with mindfulness and meditation.

This is where Declutter The Mind comes from. It’s my labor of love for something I truly care about and feel that would help a lot of people around the world. I’d love for you to come join me on this journey.

400+ Free Meditation Practices

See our growing library of free guided meditation practices, courses, and daily meditation practices.

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