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July 22, 2021 2022-10-19 19:53

Meditation for your workplace

Declutter The Mind at Work brings a meditation app to your workplace to help make your team happier and culture healthier.

The current state of mental health in the workplace

Mental health issues in the workplace not only affect business outcomes and culture, they affect their employees. The current state of people’s happiness and wellbeing in the workplace doesn’t look good.
of employees have diagnosed depression, 40% take off work as a result of their diagnosis.¹
of managers say they could be more effective if they could manage distressed employees.²
of employees would like to receive more support from senior management and human resources.³
of employees who report severe depression receive treatment to control symptoms.³

The solution to better mental health at work

In an average 9-to-5 work day, just 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation can release stress, improve focus, and boost creativity. For your company, a more mindful team means better workplace culture and teamwork.

What Declutter The Mind offers teams

Declutter The Mind can improve focus, mental health, and overall wellbeing of people in the workplace.

10 day, 30 day, and 60 day

Meditation courses

Whether employees are completely new to meditation or have experience, there’s a course for everyone. Beginners, advanced, focus, and more.

Brand New

Daily practice

Practices will never become stale or repetitive, keeping your team engaged with the Daily Meditation. Each day, there’s a new practice waiting inside the app to help kickoff the workday.

Practices for every situation

Growing library

Declutter The Mind contains a growing library of individual guided practices for every workplace goal. Whether it’s about mental health, wellbeing, or productivity, the app has it.

Simple and fair pricing

Other meditation apps overcomplicate pricing or hide it. Our pricing is simple and fair. Pay per employee and your entire organization enjoys the benefits of meditation, even as it grows.

Minimum 100 employees

  per user / year
Perfect for startups
  • Full access to courses
  • New meditation every single day

Over 1,000 employees

  per user / year
Ideal for larger organizations
  • Full access to courses
  • New meditation every single day

How we work with your team


Bring our app to your team

Declutter The Mind can be included in the benefits package or mental health resources for your organization.

Distribute codes

Provide our team the total number of employees, and we provide you redemption codes for you to distribute to your team. Request more codes any time as your organization grows.

Your team declutters the mind

An employee downloads Declutter The Mind on Google Play or the App Store, and redeems their code within the app. We can automate this for you, too, just ask!

Frequently asked questions

What if our team grows?
You can add more users to your plan at any time. We’ll scale with your business.
Do you offer discounts for charities and non-profits?
Yes, please let us know you’re a non-profit organization when contacting us.
Can you help with launch communications?
Yes, we can provide you with launch email templates, imagery, copy, and logos to help you let your team know about Declutter The Mind.
I'd like for my employer to pay for Declutter The Mind at Work, can you help?
Yes, contact us with details and we can reach out to your employer on your behalf.

People who already love us

Here's what existing users have been saying about our app

Howard Finkle

It’s a simple, no gimmicks meditation app that explains what mindfulness is and how it can affect all aspects of your life. It does this without trying too hard to wow you with their design and fancy courses which, in my opinion, is not anymore beneficial than just regular old mindfulness meditation.

Christine Hayward

I started the 30 day mindfulness course about a week ago. So far I am enjoying the simplicity and pace of each session. Techniques are explained, then there is sufficient time to actually practice them without prompt interruptions. The voice is authentic and calm, which is huge for me.

Monet M.

I found myself really down during this whole pandemic and decided to try meditating a few minutes before starting my day. I was having a hard time focusing on my own and have been exploring guided meditations. This app has been great! I really love starting my day with a 10 min relaxation meditation. I also find the look of the app itself to be relaxing.

Anne de Chivanney

Thanks for this great experience, it's a big help in getting a grip on unhelpful overthinking and reactions. Very pleasant voice, the pace of the guidance is perfect, the themes covered are spot on. This might actually get me to stick to a meditation routine.

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