30 Day Meditation Challenge

Start your next 30 day meditation challenge and unlock the benefits of mindfulness more and more each day.

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What is a 30 Day Meditation Challenge?

A 30 Day Meditation Challenge is a pledge you set for yourself to practice meditation every day for 30 consecutive days. The challenge will usually focus on one type of meditation practice and we recommend practicing mindfulness meditation during the challenge. With Declutter The Mind, each day you’ll begin to unlock the benefits of mindfulness meditation and learn more about yourself and how to meditate.

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Why You should do a 30 Day Meditation Challenge

A challenge keeps you accountable. If you’ve been thinking about learning to meditate or if you struggle to turn your practice into a regular habit, a 30 Day Meditation Challenge might be worth trying. Plus, mindfulness meditation has its benefits. 30 days of consecutive practice can unlock benefits and sometimes, even change your life for the better.

How to take a 30 Day Meditation Challenge

The first step to a 30 Day Meditation Challenge is to commit to doing it. Pick a day, choose a time, and commit to yourself to stick with it. The second step is to use a guide. With the Declutter the Mind app, we have two 30 day guided meditation courses: one for beginners and an advanced course for more experienced meditators. Download the app and start the right course for you on day one. With the app, you can also enable reminders to keep you accountable during the challenge.

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Join other people who have taken the challenge

“Game changer – I have been on and off meditating for years but wanted to pick up a daily practice. I have never been great at it because my mind tends to wander. I started by using the essentials 30 day meditation. It’s only 10 minutes each day and you are taught great techniques to keep your mind from wandering. I have stuck with it for 5 days now and look forward to my meditation everyday. I love this app!”

“This app makes such a big difference in my day. Very grateful to have it on my phone it has helped me complete my meditations.”

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Start 30 Day Meditation Challenge

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