Morning Routine: 9 Habits to Supercharge Your Mornings

Cherie Cox

Do you give yourself plenty of time in the morning or are you someone who leaps out of bed in a panic and rushes out the door with no morning routine?

If you wake up with little time to do anything, you are going to feel rushed and under pressure. Your thoughts will be racing and your body will be trying to go at full speed. Being in this space can create frustration and make you feel overwhelmed. As these feelings surface in the morning they can stay with you and continue throughout your day. To avoid morning chaos, it is important to have a morning routine that will set you and your day up for success.

Now, let’s start the day in a mindful way…

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1. Rise with your alarm 

When you press snooze on your alarm clock over and over again, your body is going in and out of sleep, causing a disruptive sleep. This is not relaxing for your body and mind and may cause you to feel even more groggy than when your alarm went off the first time. Your alarm is set for a reason. Allow the sound of your alarm to be the sound of a new, exciting day. As you hear this sound, rise out of bed with little delay. Rise and shine!

2. Technology can wait

Refuse to use your devices in your morning routine

When you wake up and go straight to your text messages, emails and social media you move right into a busy headspace and will be feeding your ego. Device usage shouldn’t be part of your morning routine. This may influence how you feel in a negative way. Instead, give yourself time to be present and prepare for the day in a positive way. Take time for you. Everything else can wait. Create space for a clear mind and a calm start to your day by steering clear of technology. 

3. Hydrate with a refreshing glass of water

After a restful sleep, charge up with a big glass of water. Water will fuel your brain, cleanse your body and nourish your soul. Water is important for hydration and is something you should drink plenty of throughout the day. 

4. Meditate to elevate 

Allow your mind to be present so it can rise into a space of awareness and self-control. Take 5-10 minutes in the morning to breathe and center into the day. Your breath is the one thing that will always be in the present moment. The present moment is calm, beautiful and full of love. Arrive here when you wake up and connect with the endless amount of joy and abundance that is here, right now. 

5. Spread gratitude

Gratitude journal

Think of 3 things that you are grateful for and write them down. This could be the sun that rises in the morning, your home, clean drinking water. There are so many things to be grateful for in your life and at this moment. Acknowledge them and take note of them as part of your morning routine. Connecting with gratitude will instantly put you in a space of love. Focusing on gratitude will raise your vibration and elevate your mood. 

6. The power of intentions 

Set an intention for the day ahead. Use this intention to help you focus on what you desire and to create direction in your life. Allow the intention that you set to guide you throughout the day. Claim your intention, give it purpose, put it into the Universe and allow it to come back to you. 

7. Move and groove

Moving your body will give you energy for the day. This could be going to the gym and exercising, going for a walk or putting one of your favourite songs on and dancing around your home. Allow your body to move and feel free. Taking care of yourself and your body will shift you into a happy, healthy mindset and you will feel vibrant from the inside out.

8. Nourish yourself

Eat a healthy breakfast. Take note of how you feel when you eat certain foods. Do they give you energy or do they weigh you down? As you start acknowledging what foods give you energy and make you feel good, continue to eat more of these foods. Food is fuel for your body. Rise with the purpose of feeding your body foods that will support you throughout the day. 

9. Prioritize you

Prioritize you

You know your schedule for the day, where you need to be in the morning and what time. Give yourself ample time in the morning for your morning routine. You are worthy of this time. You deserve it. Your soul will forever be grateful that you took time for you. 

As you settle into a morning routine that works best for you, it is important to create a routine that you enjoy. When you enjoy something you will continue to do it and the more you do something the more benefits you will experience. Know that at times things will come up and you may have to shift your routine around. This is ok. Be kind to yourself. Be open to change. There are 24 hours in the day. 

When you start your day in a mindful way you are setting you and your day up for success. As the day gets busy you can easily return to your morning routine practices to help you slow down and confidently make decisions. Returning to your gratitude list, your intention and the power of your breath will allow an ease to come over you and will help you navigate all situations that arise. 

Your turn

The moment you wake up you have a choice. A choice about the thoughts that you think. The choice about the actions you will take. A choice about how you are going to move through the day. You are in control of your life. Never forget that – YOU are in control of your life. Today, choose to be present. Choose to live each day with purpose, choose to do what lights you up, and choose to wake up and make this the best day ever. 

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