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150+ Self Care Ideas to Rejuvenate You

Rachel Sharpe

Self care can rejuvenate you. But with busy schedules, an imbalanced work-life balance, and everyday challenges, it can sometimes be hard to execute the self care ideas we need to live a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. Self care doesn’t need to be complicated nor does it need to be expensive. But it does need to be practiced. You deserve to have someone watch over your wellbeing and what better person than it being you. With self care, you can bring out the best in yourself and those around you. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss what is self care, why it’s important, how to practice self care, and we’ll end it with a list of 150+ self care ideas.

What is Self Care?

Self care is the act of focusing on you improving yourself. It’s about giving yourself what you needs to be healthy, strong, positive, and an asset to society.

Most people focus on taking care of others at the expense of themselves. However, as the flight attendant always says on the plane, “always put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.” By taking care of yourself, you can help more people. Sometimes even being happy is enough to brighten another person’s day. Never underestimate how powerful your happiness can be in another person’s life.

Those who regularly take care of their wellbeing can be a great asset to those around them. The people who need to practice self care the most are new or expecting parents, those with disabilities, and people who are suffering. However, self care does benefit everyone. And we could all use a bit more of it.

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Practicing self care regularly can help prevent future or long-term issues. By practicing some of the self care ideas listed later in this article, you can help improve your wellbeing and mental health. It’s better to take care of yourself when you’re well so you suffer less when you’re not well.

Why Is Self Care Important

1. Easier to Care for Others

Care for others

The number one reason why most people fail to practice self care is because they focus too much on caring for others. Maybe you’re a parent to a young child who needs your full attention. Or maybe you’re caring for your elderly parents who can no longer care for themselves. Maybe you’re a boss to a large team and are juggling several responsibilities. Or maybe you’re the type of person who wants everyone to be happy but you do it at the expense of others. There’s so many ways you can care for people. But it’s much easier to care for others by setting the example of caring for yourself.

By practicing self care, you lead by example and show others that they’re also responsible to care for themselves. In the event that you need to care for someone who is unable to care for themselves such as a child, person with a disability, or an elderly parent, it might be a good idea to get some extra support. Maybe you work with a support worker who helps manage the day to day care. Or you ask for help from a significant other, friend, or parent. Sometimes all you need is a weekend to practice self care (especially if you’re stressed). But if you practice simple self care ideas regularly it’ll be easier to fit into your schedule and help those around you.

2. Prevent Burnout

Those who don’t practice self care tend to burnout quickly. By investing in your own self care, you always ensure that you’re taking action to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Even ten minutes of daily meditation can help you find inner peace during difficult moments. When you don’t practice self care, you’ll often push yourself beyond your limits. You might overwork yourself at work and at home. You might say yes to too many obligations. But when you practice self care what you’re telling other people is that you need time to invest in your own wellbeing. So instead of overreacting to stress or anxiety, you have a built in system where you take regular care of yourself to prevent crashing and burning. 

3. Boost Confidence

Self care boosts confidence

Self care can also boost your confidence. It can do this when you fuel your body with nourishing foods, exercising regularly to ensure you’re in great shape, or improving your mental health so you’re more upbeat. When you practice self care you subconsciously tell yourself “I matter.” Taking care of yourself puts an emphasis on your importance in the world. The more you practice self care the more confident you become because you recognize and value yourself.

4. Set Boundaries

When you practice self care you set clear boundaries. Most parents focus on taking care of their kids at the expense of themselves. This isn’t a healthy example to set for your children. And this isn’t a long-term strategy for your own well-being either. By practicing self care you set boundaries. You establish “me time.” You can show those around you that it’s important to take care of yourself. And funny enough, when you talk to others about your self care practice, over time you’ll hear stories from others and their own self care ideas. By setting boundaries you can inspire others to follow suit and take care of themselves. 

5. Build Healthy Relationships

Self care helps build healthy relationships

Those who practice regular self care can build more meaningful relationships. A relationship can break down if one person takes regular care of themselves and the other doesn’t. When you practice self care, you show that you still value yourself. Many people talk about how once you get into a relationship someone lets go. It’s usually the result of what happens when you stop valuing yourself. An equal partnership is one where both people contribute to their responsibilities, their relationship, and also themselves. By trying some of the self care ideas in this article, you show your partner that you still respect yourself and that they should too.

6. Fight Illness 

Self care is important because it can help fight illness: both physical and mental. Those who suffer from mental illnesses, might practice self care to reduce symptoms which can eventually spiral into physical symptoms if left untreated. You’ll gain a stronger immune system with regular self care. For example, meditation can help manage anxiety. Anxiety untreated can spiral to have physical symptoms. Self care can also prevent negative physical symptoms. For example, exercise and eating healthy can help prevent a lot of health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. 

7. Improves Mental Health

Improves mental health

Self care can play a massive role in mental health. Most psychotherapists will often recommend some sort of self care treatment. If you can’t afford to go to therapy to get help with your mental health, practicing self care can be a cost-effective alternative. For example, you can practice meditation which is often recommended by psychotherapists. You can also find time to exercise which is another important self care idea that doctors recommend. You can create yourself a relaxing kit which is made up of all the things that help relax you so if you find yourself getting stressed out, you can go straight to your kit to provide yourself self care. 

150+ Self Care Ideas to Rejuvenate You

#1. Clear Your Mind with Meditation

#2. Read an Inspiring Book

#3. Relax in the Sauna

#4. Go for an Evening Walk

#5. Eat with your Family

#6. Cut Out People Who Stress You Out

#7. Get Your Beauty Sleep

#8. Stop Negative Thoughts

#9. Pause Before Making Assumptions

#10. Find Time to Workout

#11. Drink Water All Day Long

#12. Quit Bad Habits

#13. Focus on Creating Things

#14. Take Up a New Hobby

#15. Master the Art of Cooking

#16. Buy Lavender for Your Evening Shower

#17. Avoid Negative Content

#18. Spend Less Time on Social Media

#19. Climb Stairs

#20. Invite a Friend Over for Tea

#21.Watch an Inspiring YouTube Video

#22. Be Silly

#23. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

#24. Mail Out Gratitude Cards to Your Friends

#25. Take a Deep Breath In

#26. Clean Something

#27. Dance In Your Living Room

#28. Light a Candle

#29. Say No

#30. Ask for Help When You Need It

#31. Invest In Your Self Development

#32. Have a Fun Day

#33. Go To The Movies

#34. Let Go of Control

#35. Have a Philosophical Talk With a Friend

#36. Find Your Life’s Purpose

#37. Get Rid Of Your Junk

#38. Go On a Date With Your Partner

#39. Be Positive At Work

#40. Go to the Dentist

#41. Go to the Doctor

#42. Automate Your Life

#43. Hire Help (cleaner, babysitter)

#44. Decorate Your Home

#45.Plant a Garden

#46. Visit a Psychotherapist

#47. Have a Ladies or Guys Night

#48. Go on a Weekend Getaway

#49. Do a Random Good Deed

#50. Take Care of Your Physical Appearance

#51.Shower Every Day (blow day your hair)

#53. Brush Your Teeth

#54. Wax Your Body

#55. Make an Upbeat Spotify Playlist

#56. Try Diamond Painting

#57. Learn a New Skill

#58. Accept Yourself

#59. Do Something Kind for a Friend

#60. Spend Quality Time with People

#61. Give Loved Ones Hugs

#62. Keep a Journal

#63. Take Your Medication

#64. Let the Anger Out (In a Healthy Way)

#65. Create an Accomplishments Folder

#66. Say No to Booze

#67. Recite a Positive Affirmation Each Morning

#68. Play with Your Pet

#69. Look at Failures As Experiments

#70. Get Some Sunshine

#71. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

#72. Get Outside of Your Head

#73. Splash in a Pool

#74. Go to a Comedy Show

#75. Blast Your Music

#76. List All the Things You’re Grateful for

#77. Watch the Sunset

#78. Listen to Outdoor Sounds

#79. Go to the Lake and Take a Deep Breath of Fresh Air

#80. Let Go of the Idea of Perfection

#81. Appreciate the Fact That You Have a Job

#82. Eat Your Veggies

#83. Complain Less

#84. Gossip Less

#85. Give Without Expectations of Receiving

#86. Express Love to Everyone In Your Circle

#87. Say I’m Sorry

#88. Forgive Everyone

#89. Experience As Much of Life As Possible

#90. Don’t Hide Behind Your Phone

#91. Celebrate That You’re Currently Alive

#92. Don’t Feel Guilty for Having a Slice of Cake

#93. Change What You Hate About Your Life

#94. Give That Body A Good Ol’ Stretch

#95. Compliment People Every Chance You Get

#96. Imagine Yourself Happy

#97. Go to Bed Early

#98. Call a friend to catch up

#99. Ask for What You Want

#100. Do More of What Makes You Happy

#101. Feel Your Feelings

#102. Clean Negative Social Accounts

#103. Manage Your Finances

#104. Don’t Catastrophize

#105. Be Present

#106. Look at Old Photographs

#107. Network with People

#108. Go on a Solo Trip

#109. Get Off the Internet

#110. Accept that You Don’t Always Have the Full Story

#111. Take a Fighting Class

#112. Get a Massage

#113. Write Something

#114. Go for a Hike

#115. Spend the Night in a Hotel

#116. Shop til You Drop

#117. Buy New Undergarments

#118. Order Take Out

#119. Watch Your Favorite Movie

#120. Watch Your Favorite TV Show

#121. Read Your Favorite Book

#123. Sing Karaoke

#124. Listen to a Motivational Playlist on Spotify

#125. Dress Up

#126. Use an Adult Coloring Book

#127. Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

#128. Google Your Solution

#129. Read Positive Quotes

#130. Read the Eight Fold Path

#131. Look at Funny Pet Videos

#132. Get a Manicure or Pedicure

#133. Invest in a Comfy Robe

#134. Cuddle a Loved One

#135. Act Like a Kid Again

#136. Find a Mentor

#137. Spend Time With Your Parents

#138. Take a Bubble Bath

#139. Play Meditation Sounds

#140. Take the Scenic Route Home

#141. Gaze at the Stars

#142. Take a Mental Health Day

#143. Invite Friends Over

#144. Do Yoga

#145. Write Christmas Cards

#146. Go for a Drive

#147. Go to a local attraction

#148. Remember that suffering is temporary

#149. Go on a Retreat (silence)

#150. Look for a Role Model

#151. Help Someone In Need

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