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How to Reinvent Yourself: 11 Ways to Become a New Person

Amber Murphy

Life keeps on changing for everybody, and some changes require reinvention to enable us to cope with life. Finding a new purpose and potential in your life involves reinvention, and it allows you to achieve your potential in life. Reinvention is vital if you have to cope with life, grow and move on with it. It means that you don’t let situations and circumstances define you. Instead, you set out to learn and grow from them. This article focuses on how to reinvent yourself in life.

How to reinvent yourself

Reinventing yourself is a process that requires a total change in your life. It can be tough and require a lot of sacrifices and significant changes in your life. On the bright side, it is a gratifying process if you stay true and committed to the process. Below are a few tips on how to reinvent yourself.

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1. Analyze your life

It is said, “how can you go forward if you don’t know where you are coming from?”

Reinvention is a journey that requires a step forward. Taking a minute to evaluate your life is crucial to figure out where you are and where you want to be in life. Life tends to put us in situations and circumstances that we don’t want to be in, and in-depth analysis will help in identifying these issues. Allow yourself to take a step back in your life and find out where you at, to find traction, and have the courage and direction to move forward.

A good place to start is using the wellness wheel to ensure you don’t have blind spots in your life. The wellness wheel reminds of that there’s a lot more to overall wellness than just mental and physical. Understanding this, you can begin to look at where there’s gaps or areas you’re neglecting in your life that you could be changing or improving.

It’s then a good idea to do some self reflection and see what comes to mind the quickest. Self awareness is crucial here. Listen to your gut, your core values, and create a vision board for the ideal life you’d want to have. This is the beginning of your transformative journey. Half the battle is identifying the endless opportunities in front of you.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

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Do you really want a change in your life? If your answer is yes, then you will have to get out of that comfortable place in your life. Changes in life do not happen just to anyone. They require sacrifices, and this means that you will have to be willing to lose something to gain. Being creatures of habit, it’s common to find ourselves stuck in one place for a long time.

Reinventing yourself will require you to break old habits and use the old mold to create a new version of yourself. This means changing your point of view and be willing to uptake more risks in life and being open to correction and learning. It means understanding how to overcome low self esteem and start believing in yourself.

3. Be an optimist

While reinvention is all about changing your life, it doesn’t mean that everything is wrong in your life. Take a minute to count your blessings. This is a good starting point for changing your take on things in your life. Be an optimist if you need to reinvent. Choose to see the good in every situation that life throws at you, and this way, you will be open to learning and growth. Surround yourself with positive energy, and this will act as a guide during your transition, and you will realize that you achieve more is you choose to be positive.

Make an effort to stop complaining, too. Catch yourself early when you notice it, and remember that most complaints are fruitless and only serve to work you up more. Instead, try to find the silver lining in everything and not the faults.

4. Have a plan

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Do you want to know how to reinvent yourself? Begin with a plan. Planning is essential for change to occur. Do not just have a dream, have a realist plan. Planning helps you in setting goals for your life. Develop a realistic, practical, and achievable plan to guide you during your reinvention process. A plan acts as a compass to give you directions every time. It is the go-to when you are lost and feels like your purpose is lost. It is a guide for you to reflect on to know where you are supposed to be going. 

Create some reinvention goals, find a role model to help you stay motivated, and focus on developing and following a plan that allows you to intentionally reinvent yourself. Realistic goals are the key, you won’t accomplish self reinvention overnight. It takes time. Small monthly goals are a good start.

5. Learn to try things out

The beauty of life is its uncertainty. Moving on with life having hopes, dreams, and expectations are what make life worth living for. Reinvention involves getting new ideas, desires, and aspirations for your life. It means trying new things and being open to the way they turn out. Learn to try things out until they work. Persistence is key here. Learn to set new and realist goals and expectations, and sticking around for them to turn into a reality. One failure doesn’t mean that you should give up. Instead, it should be a motivation and a chance to learn a new thing. Try out working things until you achieve success.

Have a new take at your finances, for example. Reinvention may mean a career change for you. Money is crucial on this path, and to achieve total reinvention, you will have to learn to control your finances to achieve your dreams. This may be tough and may require a lot of sacrifice on your part. However, when you focus on your goals, you will realize that you have to stick to your plan and work your financial issues to achieve success in your reinvention.

Also try to learn new things. This goes back to the point of going out of your comfort zone. For example, if you’ve never meditated before, try learning meditation on your own at home.

6. Sum up courage

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It is said that we are our own most significant asset and our worst enemy. Self-doubt and fear are common during reinvention, and often, these two cloud our judgment. These two are common when taking risks in our lives, and everyone feels fear and self-doubt at some point in life when taking on new and challenging issues. Courage is crucial during reinvention and personal growth. Courage is what gets you going. Learn to let yourself control negative feelings and not allow them to define you. Courage is the willingness to endure when things are not working out. Learn to have the courage to stick to your plans and ultimately change your life.

Courage can come from building confidence. And confidence comes from competence. What are the things in your personal life that you’re really good at? How can you carry over that competence into new areas of life? That will give you the confidence, and thus courage, to make those bold changes and start moving forward.

7. Change your routine

How to reinvent yourself? Change your routine. It is common to feel stuck up in a routine, especially as an adult. Life becomes a cycle, having you just working, going home, sleeping, waking up again and repeating the same cycle. Reinvention is all about breaking the cycle, and this means changing your routine. With new goals set, aim at changing your routine. Begin with slow but progressive steps. Simply begin by waking up early and indulging yourself in an activity with a morning routine. Hit the gym, jog, read a book, fix your spouse or kids some breakfast. Just do anything that pushes you to your set goals. A new life means putting yourself on a new path.

Don’t forget about your evenings as well. Create a night time routine that allows you to finish your day on the right foot and prepare you for a good night’s rest.

Ensure that you are persistent with these small activities. Do this more often and crack the cycle. Routine changes can be hard, and it’s okay to seek help if need be. Reinvention is a process, and you will be amazed by how simple routine changes help you steer towards your goals faster when you learn how to embrace change.

8. Prioritize your tasks

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One crucial step in ‘how to reinvent yourself’ is learning to prioritize your tasks. Prioritizing your tasks is one way to avoid procrastination. Reinvention doesn’t happen overnight; rather, it is a path that requires commitment and persistence. To achieve success during reinvention, set aside some quality time during your day to work on your goals. Prioritize your goals and dreams and work on them every day. Draw a timetable and a to-do list to help you with time management. Ensure that you stick to the timeline and work on your dreams and goals consistently to achieve them.

9. Surround yourself with the right people

The world today is built on connections. That is the whole point of social media, social networks for more global and dynamic connections. Reinvention will require you to surround yourself with the right people who will challenge, inspire, guide, and correct you during your reinvention. The right people make it easier for you to succeed and lead a happy life. They encourage you to keep on working on yourself and correct you when you get out of the set path. 

Cut out the dead weight and rearrange your circle if you want to reinvent yourself. You are what you surround yourself with, and finding the right people from your circle will help you in your reinvention process. Hang out with or around people who inspire you or those who have a positive impact on your life. Use connection, such as the internet and social networks to find the right crowd for you.

10. Find a mentor

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Wondering ‘how to reinvent yourself?’ Find a mentor. A mentor is someone who shows you how to move about in life. They act as a light that guides you during darkness. A mentor will help you make an important decision and inspire you to stick to your set path to achieve success. Find a mentor in your niche and allow them to inspire you during reinvention.

There are different types of mentors; direct and indirect mentors. Direct mentors are those mentors that are in front of you and physically guide you during reinvention. Indirect mentors do not exist physically in front of you but can be accessed through books, audio, or video. Get yourself a mentor to guide you during reinvention. Learn to listen and adhere to what they are saying. A mentor should be ahead of you in life and should challenge you to be the best version of yourself. If you need a place to start, checkout our recommended list of meditation books and mindfulness podcasts.

Sometimes, we just need someone to listen to us. A mentor doesn’t need to necessarily need to be an active part of your daily life, it could be a therapist or professional that you see every other week that gives you the confidence to improve your life and yourself.

As we said earlier, role models can be good enough proxies to mentors if you’re having trouble finding a person to help you. Even going to a networking event or creating new friends can help you surround yourself with the right people who are on the same path as you.

11. Pursue your dream job

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re feeling stuck in your career or like you’re not going anywhere, a new job and career is a powerful way to reinvent yourself. You learn new skills, enter a new industry with new ideas and new people, and you essentially become an entirely new person. Self reinvention comes when we reinvent our careers and put ourselves on a new path.

A new career is a massive change but it could be the right track for someone looking to reinvent themselves. Your career is often part of your identity, and a new career means a new identity.

Start reinventing yourself

These are all simple suggestions that can lead to big changes. Remember that reinventing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. This requires patience and persistence on your part.

Do you have a story on how you made a big change in your life? Anything you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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