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Gratitude List: 200+ Things to Be Grateful For

Rachel Sharpe

When life gets tough, it’s easy to forget what we have that’s going right. Relationships end, mental health issues rise, or sometimes you lose perspective, but with a gratitude list you have that a-ha moment over and over again to remember that maybe things are bad but they’re not as bad as they could be. We’ve all faced dark hours, where we rapidly lose hope, but with a daily gratitude journal or even a list on a scribbled piece of paper, we can regain our happiness. In this article, we’re going to dive into the gratitude list benefits, what to put in your gratitude journal, and our ultimate gratitude list to give you some ideas to get started. 

What is a Gratitude List?

A gratitude list is a compilation of things that you feel grateful for. It’s important to create one each day to remember to look at the positive side of things. 

A gratitude list helps people with anxiety, depression, or any struggle in life remember to never lose hope. Things don’t always go as planned in life but even on your darkest days, there’s always something to be grateful for.

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Gratitude List Benefits

Why bother with a gratitude list? A gratitude list gives you material to work from with a regular gratitude practice. As you might guess, of the benefits of gratitude, gratitude helps improve mental health and life satisfaction. But here’s what a gratitude life offers your life and the benefits it provides.

1. It gives you perspective

Life’s tough. Let’s not sugar coat it. Some moments will completely drain your energy leaving you feeling like you’ve got nothing. But do you really have nothing? Be honest. You know that’s not the case. Your heart can have the biggest hole in it, your anxiety could eat you up inside, but you’ve still got so many great things in your life. The gratitude list doesn’t allow your mind to get completely clouded by a negative event. It helps you remember that you don’t only have challenges in your life, you also have many things to be grateful for. 

2. It orients you

Gratitude lists orient you

By creating a gratitude list, you’ll regularly see what type of things you’re grateful for. People always dream about money or success but when they actually write down the things they’re grateful for money and success rarely come up. By practicing gratitude, you might realize you value different things than you realized. It can help you understand that maybe you actually want a secondary thing than what you think you want. For example, maybe you think you want money but gratitude makes you realize what you really want is a break from all work and no play. And by realizing what you actually want through practicing gratitude you realize the solution might be easier than expected. 

3. It gives you hope

When your mental health starts to deteriorate, you start to lose hope. The benefit of a gratitude list is that it can help bring hope back. Maybe you feel like you aren’t safe but you realize you’ve got working arms and legs. So instead you sign-up for a self-defense class. Or maybe someone you love died and the hole in your heart gets bigger each day without them. But you remember that you still have a ton of friends and family that you love just as much who will stand by you. If you hit rock bottom, a gratitude list might help you realize you have what you need to climb back out. 

4. It reduces stress

Gratitude list reduces stress

Our minds are powerful. Feed is negativity and sadness and that’s all you’ll ever think about. Think about gratitude and positivity and you’ll feel much happier. Creating a gratitude list helps you focus on the upside to life. We’ll all face challenges and roadblocks but by thinking about things that are still going well for us it helps reduce stress. The stress might not completely go away as some challenges are greater than others. But it’s important to help lower your heart rate, take a few deep breaths and express what you’re grateful for.

5. Your gentle reminder

Creating a gratitude list is a gentle reminder of the things you’ve got going for you. It’s important to not only express gratitude but take advantage of what you have. If you’ve got legs, go for a run. If you’ve got lips, flash that big smile or blow that sweet kiss. If you have a loving family, spend more time with them. If you have amazing friends, schedule time to chat with them. Don’t let whatever is going wrong in your life deter you from experiencing the joys of what you still have.

When to Use a Gratitude List

Part of morning gratitude routine

If you already have an established morning routine, you can have a morning gratitude list that you reflect on, pull ideas from, and look through. This way, reminding yourself of things to be grateful for is easier than forcing yourself when you’re not in the mood. It will help invoke more positive emotions in the morning, and get you on to a good start to your day.

When going through a tough time in life

Gratitude is most useful when you’re going through a tough time in your life such as when you lose someone or you’re going through a change. Feeling grateful is easy when you have a number of things you can reflect on from a gratitude list. It will give you perspective, remind you of the things you may forget about, and allow you to move to a positive mindset.

When writing in a gratitude journal

Sometimes we draw a blank when we’re reflecting and writing in a gratitude journal. A gratitude list gives you a large number of things to remind yourself to practice gratitude for and express gratitude towards. Even if you’ve been reflecting in a journal up until this point, it doesn’t hurt to start a new gratitude journal and use your gratitude list to get a fresh start to your writing routine. You can even create multiple gratitude lists based on the time of day, the season of the year, or when you’re feeling a certain way.

What to Put in Your Gratitude Journal

Gratitude list journal

Whether you need to create a gratitude list template or trying to figure out what to put in your gratitude journal, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Things You’re Grateful For

Compile a list of things you’re grateful for. Try to think of between 5-10 things each day. Maybe you change the ideas each day or you just quietly sit and express gratitude for the things you still have going well for you. You can steal some gratitude list ideas below or come up with some of your own to make it more personal for you.

2. People You’re Grateful For

Express gratitude for a few of the people you’re grateful for. Think of someone who’s had a positive impact in your life, someone who pushes or challenges you, a stranger who showed kindness, yourself, and the world. Send positive vibes to everyone out there who may be suffering or struggling. But also express gratitude for people who are doing well. 

3. Highlight Of Your Day

If you write in your gratitude journal in the evening, think of the highlight of your day. What was the best moment in your day today? By doing this each day, you’ll create a collection of positive memories to look back on. A year from now, you can browse through all your daily highlights and recognize patterns of good days to create more of them. You’ll realize that creating a gratitude list helped you gain and hold onto happy moments longer.

4. Daily Mantra

If you write your gratitude journal in the morning, you might add a daily mantra to repeat throughout the day to help you live mindfully. Focus on one thing you want to improve all day. For example, if you find you’re always angry at work. Your daily mantra might be “May I be peaceful and positive to those around me today.” And when you find yourself at work getting angry, you’ll repeat that mantra and focus on changing your behavior to change the outcome of your interactions.

Gratitude List: 200+ Things to Be Grateful For

  1. Family who loves you
  2. Friends you relate to
  3. Significant other who reminds you you’re not alone
  4. Eyes that allow you to see the world’s beauty
  5. Ears that allow you to listen to music
  6. Nose that allows you to smell 
  7. Arms that allow you to hold a newborn baby
  8. Legs that give you the freedom to move
  9. Mouth that lets you taste delicious food
  10. Ability to talk
  11. Friendly neighbors who smile at you
  12. Morning coffee for jolting you awake
  13. Libraries with endless books allowing you to learn
  14. Music that helps you feel
  15. Mother nature’s beauty
  16. Your lungs which are working hard as you read this
  17. Today because you’ve been given it
  18. Art that mesmerizes you
  19. The comfort of your own home
  20. Access to food
  21. Having a steady pay check
  22. Paying bills on time
  23. Weekends that give you more time to spend on life
  24. The internet which helps you find what you’re looking for
  25. Clean water to drink from
  26. Toilets (as some countries don’t have them)
  27. A relaxing massage
  28. A hot shower
  29. A healthy body
  30. Your unique personality
  31. Your kind heart
  32. Your strength to keep going when things get tough
  33. Your favorite happy memories
  34. Belly laughs
  35. Watching the sunset in the evening
  36. Pets that bring you all the joy
  37. Kind hearted strangers that show you love
  38. Doctors who’ve healed you
  39. An apology from someone whose hurt you
  40. Forgiveness from someone you hurt
  41. Birthdays because it’s a day that’s all about you
  42. The first snowfall in the winter
  43. Christmas Eve dinner
  44. Getting another chance to a fresh start on New Years Day
  45. A sunny day in the outdoors
  46. Dancing in the rain
  47. Romantic proposals
  48. Your happiest moment
  49. Watching waves crash into boulders
  50. Getting mail from a friend
  51. Sleeping in your bed
  52. Staying up all night talking to an amazing person
  53. Wishing on a shooting star
  54. Going to an event you’ve been waiting for for months
  55. Being on vacation
  56. Finishing a big project
  57. Dancing at a wedding
  58. Family reunions
  59. A good night’s sleep
  60. A quiet moment of solitude
  61. The ability to meditate
  62. Having a functioning brain
  63. Being self-aware
  64. Finding something you’ve lost
  65. Learning to let go
  66. All that knowledge stored up in your brain
  67. Your growth throughout your life
  68. Your willingness to help others
  69. A lived-in home 
  70. Your ability to make good decisions
  71. The fact that you’re still hopeful that things will get better
  72. The recognition you received on a project
  73. Silly coworkers who make the day more fun
  74. The fire burning inside you
  75. Clean laundry
  76. The smell of lavender
  77. Your freedom
  78. Having things money can’t buy
  79. Eating your favorite food
  80. Connecting with others on social media
  81. Your favorite season
  82. Your sports team’s winning a game
  83. The reason you go into work each morning
  84. Someone holding the door for you
  85. A friend calling to check-in
  86. Compliments from strangers
  87. Surprise gifts
  88. The ability to improve your life
  89. Your quirky talents
  90. Feeling safe
  91. Activities that turn your brain off
  92. Being able to read this
  93. Long weekends
  94. Comfortable shoes
  95. Starlit skies
  96. Rainbows after the storm
  97. Thank you notes 
  98. Comfy robes
  99. New adventures
  100. The world has never been more prosperous
  101. People have been more accepting of diversity than ever
  102. No physical pain
  103. Kind strangers
  104. A walk in the forest
  105. Learning something new
  106. Autumn leaves
  107. First warm day after a cold winter
  108. Watching the first snowfall
  109. Positive comments on posts
  110. Having that one friend who likes all your social media posts
  111. Sleeping in
  112. Quenching hunger
  113. Finding money in your pocket
  114. Finding a toilet when you really need to go
  115. Getting the last parking spot
  116. A driver letting you pass in front of them
  117. People who donate blood
  118. Having healthy family and friends
  119. Watching the success of a friend
  120. Making the final payment on your student loans
  121. Working from home 
  122. Singing karaoke with friends
  123. Eating cookie batter from the bowl
  124. Staying in on a Friday night
  125. Pursuing your favorite hobby
  126. The feeling you get when you help someone 
  127. Getting goosebumps
  128. A first kiss
  129. The feeling you get when you’ve finally found the one
  130. Taking medication that actually works
  131. Finding the answer to your problem
  132. Getting a good grade on a test
  133. Buying an outfit that makes you feel confident
  134. Having electricity
  135. Sitting after being on your feet all day
  136. Lunch breaks
  137. The day you quit something that’s bad for you and didn’t look back
  138. Amusement parks
  139. Having a creative outlet
  140. People who support you
  141. Receiving Christmas cards
  142. When your work orders food for everyone
  143. Seeing a puppy on the street
  144. The person who mentored you
  145. Relaxing in a hot tub in the winter
  146. The feeling of discovering of an amazing new show
  147. Getting help when you need it
  148. The freedom to speak your mind
  149. Positive people
  150. Watching holiday movies on the couch
  151. Autocorrect (even if it’s only there to make you laugh with the wrong word)
  152. Learning a new perspective
  153. The smell of a new book
  154. Looking at old photos
  155. Finding old video footage of someone you miss
  156. Endorphins flowing through you after a workout
  157. The moment you find out you’re pregnant after failed attempts
  158. Someone finally telling you the truth
  159. The fun of planning a vacation or a wedding
  160. Finding equanimity
  161. A clean house
  162. Quality time with grandparents
  163. Scented candles
  164. Holiday decorations
  165. The smell of fresh cut grass 
  166. Facing your fears
  167. Nostalgia
  168. Working memories
  169. People who don’t give up
  170. Clean air
  171. Days when you look good
  172. Finishing something ahead of schedule
  173. Being on a winning team
  174. Getting positive feedback
  175. Getting a raise at work
  176. Doing meaningful work
  177. Feeling inspired
  178. A relaxing playlist
  179. The fact that you were born
  180. Thanksgiving meals
  181. Street lights
  182. Failed relationships which brought you closer to better ones
  183. Local coffee shop and the people that serve your coffee
  184. A family member that takes care of or cares for you
  185. A fancy meal
  186. Getting through a tough time
  187. A good belly laugh
  188. Simple date night with a spouse or loved one
  189. A deep conversation you recently had
  190. A bank account
  191. All the beauty you notice in the simplest things
  192. Feeling a positive emotion
  193. Noticing positive changes in life
  194. A morning routine
  195. Gaining perspective and experience from negative events
  196. A good and helpful blog post
  197. Amazing people you’ve encountered over the course of your life
  198. The ability to write things and express yourself
  199. Enjoying a refreshing glass of water when feeling thirsty
  200. Saving money on a good deal
  201. Having the mental faculties to be grateful

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