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10 Motivation Affirmations to Get You Motivated Every Day

Amber Murphy

You may not be able to cast magic spells on yourself, but you can use words to improve your mindset and motivate yourself to action. Certain words and phrases can change reality when you say them. You can change and shift both yourself and your reality by saying (and, at the same time, reminding yourself of) specific phrases that will help you deal with the past, present, and future. Of course, you’re not going to cast a fireball using these spells – but you’re going to get fired up enough to achieve anything you want. I’m talking about motivation affirmations. When you understand how they work, you’ll always have a little magic trick to pull.

Why do motivation affirmations work?

These short phrases work in two ways: first, they will be a reminder of who you are, what you need to do, and how to do it; second, it’s a way to get inspired to go out there and do what you must to succeed.

Believe it or not, several scientific studies explain how (and why) motivation affirmations work. This is not a wishy-washy waste of time; it’s a science-backed method to get you motivated!

There’s no need to lose yourself in the details. You’ll soon realize how powerful these phrases are once you start using them daily and try them for yourself.

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When should I use motivation affirmations?

You should try them out throughout the day and figure out the best time to use them. Certain people prefer to say them first thing in the morning as part of their morning routine.

Others prefer to write them down and put them in their bathroom mirror, on their computer, a mindfulness journal, or any other places where a reminder is useful.

You may need a little dose of motivation throughout the day. Keep them in the back of your mind, with one in the chamber, ready to go. When you need a little pick-me-up, fire your affirmation out and get your head back in the game.

When should I avoid using them?

Remember when we talked about scientific data? Well, it not only showed how and why affirmations work, but they also showed us when they don’t work.

You should avoid using motivation affirmations when you’re down. If you’re too depressed, you need a little me-time, not motivation. Studies show that when you’re sad, the more you use affirmations, the worse you’ll feel.

That shouldn’t stop you from using them, though! You need to be smart about doing so. Think of affirmations as the wind that helps you get farther away. If you don’t feel like moving, that wind is only going to bother you.

How long will it take for motivation affirmations to work?

Using affirmations could be an overnight success. Or, more likely than not, they will need a little time to work.

Keep in mind we’re not offering you a silver bullet. It’s more of a protein powder kind of thing. It helps (and it helps a lot) – but you still need to get your diet right and hit the gym to get results.

On their own, they do nothing! If you use them alongside hard work, and practicing mindful living, and you won’t believe how many benefits you’ll enjoy.

Ten motivation affirmations you should try (and why they work)

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1. I can become whoever I want and whatever I want.

This is the motivation affirmation first you should try. It’s pretty much the go-to affirmation for everyone. It helps you believe in yourself when no one else will.

Do you want to improve? Do you want to become better? Do you want a change in your life? Repeat this to yourself as a reminder that you can become who you want to be. When things get hard, this phrase will help you keep pushing.

You may wonder who you want to be – but you’ll never question if you can be that person. You’ll know you can be.

2. With every day that goes by, I get closer to my goals.

Life can get a little overwhelming. You start doing one thing and, soon enough, you’re surrounded by hundreds of tasks you have to do. And it feels like it’ll never be over.

With that in mind, you can understand how hard it can get to put things in perspective. It’s like going to a big race, and every house looks the same. You’ll feel like you’re not moving at all!

Well, that’s not the case. I’m sure you’re progressing. Repeat this affirmation to remind you of that. If you find this one effective, you may want to explore other positive affirmations similar to this one.

3. I train my body, I teach my mind, and I commend my spirit. I’m ready.

Similar to the one before, this motivation affirmation is a reminder that you’re getting things done.

It’s not the same, though. The one before helps you understand you’re moving towards your goal. This one is to remind you that you’re ready for whatever challenge may come.

You should always be training, learning, and improving. That’s the key to unlock any door you want to open. Sometimes, the constant preparation can feel like a little too much. This affirmation is here to remind you why you’re doing what you do.

4. I get stronger and healthier each and every day.

Ever heard of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? Well, this is something like that – but better.

Every day that goes by, you get closer to your goals. Every day that goes by, you are more prepared than before. Every day that goes by, you get better and better. You need to remember that!

Repeating this once per day will help you welcome life and everything it has to throw at you. You survived yesterday, and you’re stronger than before; tomorrow is nothing to be afraid of.

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5. I’m working to remove doubt and fear from my life.

You probably know fear is the mind-killer. And also, how doubt can stop you from achieving your goals. Well, this should be both a reminder and a wake-up call about those two nasty things.

Don’t get confused, though! This isn’t a call to become reckless. Fear and doubt are expected – and you will experience them from time to time. You need to understand how to remove them when the time is right so you can act.

Simply put, fear and doubt should help you gain a little perspective. They should never stop you from doing what you want. When that happens, work to remove them from your life!

6. My future drives me. My past won’t stop me.

You probably know that you have to let go of the past to move forward. Once you understand that, you can remind yourself with this motivation affirmation, that no matter what happens, you’ll keep working.

Right now (and every day after this one), you’re building your future. A little mistake in the past shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

The future you’re going to have (and want to have) is the one thing that keeps you going. You’re not running away from your past; you’re chasing your goals. This helps you stop negative thoughts and push you forward.

7. I won’t be pushed around by my problems; I’ll push forward to achieve my dreams.

This one is similar to the one before, but instead of being afraid of past mistakes, you need to overcome the present’s problems.
There will be plenty of roadblocks you’ll have to face throughout life.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying. That’s no problem, though! You can keep moving forward, no matter what.

Your problems do not define you or your actions. You will do what you have to do because you’re chasing your dreams, not reacting to the small issues of today.

When things get overwhelming, this is the perfect affirmation to say. Repeat it until you put things in perspective.

8. I went through hard times before and came out on top. Next time won’t be different.

This is one of the best affirmations there are because it works both ways.
It’s a reminder of the many things you did in the past and motivation to deal with whatever may come in the future. It’s perfect for (almost) every occasion!

When you’re about to deal with a big challenge, look in the mirror and repeat this motivation affirmation. Honestly believe what you say. Remember the times where things were hard, and you came out on top. That’s who you are!

9. My actions, goals, and life have meaning. What I do is meaningful.

It’ll never hurt to remember how necessary your actions are – and how important you are.

Every once in a while, you’re going to need to remind yourself of that. And this affirmation is perfect for doing so.

This one is my favorite to write down and place somewhere. Put it in place you know you’ll look at least once per day. It’ll do wonders in your life.

10. I am grateful.

The most critical motivation affirmation on this list.

This isn’t supposed to get you ready for a challenge or to remind you how strong you are or that you’ll be prepared to face any challenge.

This one is different. It’s simple, it’s useful, and it gets the job done. Whether you achieved everything you wanted or you’re on the road to get it all, you should remember to be grateful.

Do you understand why? If you’re grateful, that means there’s a reason to be thankful for. That’s powerful stuff because, sometimes, your life can be your very own motivation affirmation.

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