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13 Reasons Why You Are Worthy

Rachel Sharpe

You are worthy. You might not always feel like you are, though. People may even actively make you feel the opposite of worthy. But that doesn’t change things nonetheless. What a gift to be alive in the world today. A one-in-a-trillion chance to experience the world as we know it. It can be hard to see the gift we’ve been given, especially on days we feel small or unworthy. It’s time to rethink and re-examine your life. To see what you’re really made of. To see what you’re really worth. In this article, we’re going to share 13 reasons why you are worthy. And darling, this is just the starting point, not the full picture.

13 Reasons Why You Are Worthy

1. You’re One of A Kind

You are worthy because you’re one-of-a-kind. You might have similar qualities to some people, and you may even look identical to others, but still, no one alive today is quite like you. You have skills, talents, personality traits, and characteristics that make you, you. There are people alive today who are looking for people just like you. They might need your help with a goal of theirs, they might be put on a better path because of you, or they might be a soulmate looking to build a life with you. No matter how much you doubt your importance, you’re needed in the world today because of your uniqueness. Even those qualities you despise in yourself might play a positive role in your life one day. Sometimes, you need to let the life story unfold first.

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2. You’ve Accomplished So Much

You are worthy because of how much you’ve accomplished in that short life of yours. Look at you. Crushing goals. Achieving big things. Now, all you gotta do is celebrate those wins. Relish in them. Accomplishments in life aren’t just finishing school, getting good grades, or landing your dream job. You accomplish good things every time you help someone on their life journey. Every time you say something kind, even when you feel like a grump. Every time you’ve helped others. Don’t only look at your “big” accomplishments. Look at the ones you think are insignificant too. Because sometimes, in a course of a lifetime, those small accomplishments result in bigger changes for the better. Just because you don’t see how your ripple expands out doesn’t mean it doesn’t.

3. You’ve Overcome Tough Challenges

You are worthy of so much, especially since you’ve overcome obstacles and life challenges. How can you question your self worth when you’ve continously proven yourself as able to meet challenges head first. You handle life’s difficulties with grace and composure, which isn’t something everyone can do. And you’ve had it rough. Your life path hasn’t been easy and direct. There have been many loops, twists, and turns that you’ve gone through. It’s not even a matter of coming out on top, but a matter of getting through it at all. You haven’t given up, no matter how challenging or tough your road has been. And that’s what makes you worthy.

you've overcome challenges

4. You Learn From Your Mistakes

There’s an episode of Star Trek called Tapestry, where Captain Picard can go back in time and change his biggest mistake. In the end, he learns that those mistakes he made are what made him improve over time and helped him succeed in life. Even our deepest regrets in life shape us. They prevent us from making the same mistake again. And they help bring out the latest version installation of our personalities. Sure, we have to live with the consequences of our mistakes. But we also have an opportunity to learn right from wrong and good from bad. You become better with time, if you look at your wrongdoings as life lessons. You are worthy, no matter how many mistakes you make, as long as you stop yourself from going down the dark path.

5. You Have So Much Love In You to Share

Open your heart to others and you’ll open your heart to yourself. Your worthiness comes from that big ol’ heart of yours. Sure, we need to learn to love ourselves to love others. But it is possible to learn how to love others before learning how to love yourself. We tend to be overly critical of ourselves and more open-minded with others. As you see your heart grow exponentially from giving love to the world, you’ll start to see a new side of yourself that you didn’t know was possible. The outpouring of love to other people, makes you see how loving, generous, and thoughtful you really are. You are worthy of receiving love back too. But sometimes, you need to show people how to love before they’re able to understand how to express it in a way that you feel it too.

6. You Can Make The World A Better Place

We’re all tasked with an opportunity to leave the world a better place than it was when we first arrived. Of course, this isn’t an easy task. And you might spend a lifetime trying to figure out how this is done. Or where your talents fit in, in the grand scheme of things. But you are worthy because you will figure out how to leave the world a better place than it was when you arrived. It’ll take you bettering yourself as a person, challenging yourself, and growing as a person to figure it out throughout your life, but you will come up with a solution. You’ll have an enormous impact even if you don’t become famous. It’s not fame that causes positive change in the world. There are everyday heroes living simple lives but who have an extraordinary impact. Focus on making people’s lives better instead of putting your kindness on display.

7. You Can Accomplish Anything You Set Your Mind To

The world is ever-evolving and changing. The jobs available today weren’t even known about when you were a child. It’s okay to realize that your goals change with time. That just means you reflect on what’s needed in the world. You are worthy as long as you realize you can achieve great things on your own. You don’t need the validation from others to justify that you’re on the right path. In your life, you’re the Captain steering the course of your journey. No matter how many obstacles or walls you need to jump over, you can and will accomplish everything you set your mind to. Don’t give up. Don’t let the haters make you doubt yourself. Just keep your eyes focused on the prize. Learn as much context as you can to become an expert in your field. And challenge yourself to get better with time and as you accomplish more things.

you are worthy

8. You Can Make Your Own Decisions

You are worthy because you can forge your own path with the decisions you make. You can decide which people to keep in your life. Cut out the toxic people who don’t have your best interest at heart. Keep those allies and supporters who cheer you on. You can decide which profession you want to embark on to make a difference in the world. Small decisions like deciding what you eat, how you take care of yourself, and what activities you do for fun can also be transformative experiences. You steer and forge your own path. The decisions you make will guide you throughout your journey. But remember, you can still make bad decisions. So look ahead before making the call. You can’t avoid all consequences, but some decisions can drastically alter your life.

9. You March to the Beat to Your Own Drum

The worthiest people stand out against the norm. You are worthy because you don’t conform to societal pressures. You move against the grain. You don’t always have to be different from everyone. But knowing when to stand against cultural norms is key to making progress in society. Martin Luther King Jr marched to the beat of his own drum to create less division amongst races. He risked his life to break barriers, create equal opportunity, and make change. Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus, which was unheard of at the time, to stop segregation on public transportation. Patty Jenkins was the first woman to direct a full-length super hero movie that broke records, the movie was Wonder Woman. Beating to your own drum doesn’t need to be a heroic endeavour, you can live life on your own terms anyway you’d like.

you are worthy

10. You’re So Kind

You are worthy because of your kindness. The only downside to your kindness is that you rarely show it to yourself. Instead of only pouring out kindness towards others, it’s okay to treat yourself with respect and say “no” when necessary. You determine how worthy you are but valuing yourself as important as anyone else. Look at others as equals rather than trying to be better than them or seeing yourself as inferior. Every time you’re kind to another person do something kind for yourself as well. Your children, spouse, friends, and family will know how to treat you well when you show them that you treat yourself well too.

11. Setbacks Always Push You Forward

It’s easy to question your worth when you have setbacks in life. But you are worthy regardless of how many setbacks you have. After all, some of the greatest setbacks lead to good things. You need to let the story unfold. A job layoff can become the greatest break your mental health ever needed. It could also lead to a newer, higher paying job. A lottery win can lead to family drama and broken relationships. Good things lead to bad things which lead to good things and so the cycle continues on. When you’re in that momentary rut, it’s important to try your best to resolve the situation to end up better off than before. But know that ruts can sometimes last longer than we’d like. Realizing ruts and setbacks are temporary can be transformative. Let things unfold as they need to. You will make it through no matter what. Don’t give in and don’t give up. You are worthy.

12. Life Would Drastically Change Without You

You are worthy because you have an enormous impact on the world for just existing. They say that the flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado. The butterfly effect is the theory that no action is without a change for others. Just by existing, you constantly shape and mold history. A comment you write praising someone on social media can change their mood. Supporting a local business can help them employ staff and help people pay their bills. Every action you take can play a role in a stranger’s life. Without you speaking, helping, shopping, interacting, and living life the whole world would be completely different for everybody on the planet. You are worthy for your constantly effect on change in the grand scheme of things.

butterfly effect

13. Because Against All Odds, You’re Here

You are worthy because you’re here against all odds. There were so many possibilities for who your ancestors and parents could’ve dated and had children with. Plus, once your parents hooked up, there were so many moments that could’ve led to the birth of another person who is completely different from you. Against all odds, you were born. Since the beginning of our species, every couple since the dawn of time conceived successfully to create you. So many things could’ve gone wrong in that time. But all the stars aligned, just for you in this moment. It’s an honor to be sharing this life experience with you. You are worthy and destined to be here.


You are worthy of all good things. You are worthy to be alive in this moment right now. It’s normal to question things from time to time. Or to believe someone’s hateful words when we’re experiencing our own insecurities in that moment. But regardless of what anyone says or does, you are worthy of love, kindness, and respect. Your life matters. Your opinion matters. Your beliefs matter. We hope you can change your perception to see your value and worth. But even on those dark days, when you hit rock bottom, just know that life wouldn’t be the same without you and you’ve still made a positive impression on so many people’s lives. In the grand scheme of things, you are worthy in this life.

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