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15 Low-Key Things To Do When You’re Bored

Rachel Sharpe

Boredom can suck the life out of your day. However, constantly looking for things to do when you’re bored isn’t too fun either. Maybe you don’t want to do something crazy and wild, but something enjoyable that’ll help you enjoy the time. In this article, we’ve compiled 15 low-key things to do when bored, so you can chill but still have a good time. 

15 Low-Key Things to Do When Bored

1. Meditate

If you’re already sitting around doing nothing but breathing, you might as well do it mindfully. If you’re bored, you can spend ten minutes following along to a guided meditation for motivation. Maybe right now, you feel kinda blah from your boredom. Instead, by practicing a quick meditation for motivation, you can reset your brain so you can actually do something instead of nothing. Your inner critic is playing a huge role in your boredom right now. Without your thoughts telling you that you’re bored, would you know the difference? So, if you’re looking for a low-key thing to do when you’re bored, consider taking a quick ten-minute look at your negative thoughts. Maybe take some time to reframe them into happy thoughts. By focusing on meditation first, before moving on to another activity, you can calm the mind so you can actually enjoy a fun activity. 

2. Clean

One of the low-key things to do when you’re bored is to clean. While cleaning is never at the top of fun things to do when you’re bored, you can add elements that make this activity pretty enjoyable and chill. Listening to music while cleaning your house allows you to bop along and have a good time. Plus, have you ever heard of an upset family member after cleaning the entire house? It’s unheard of. Everyone you live with will be so grateful to you for helping around during your boredom. Cleaning dishes, dusting shelves, doing laundry, or washing windows are all low-key things to do when bored. As long as you’ve got some music or a podcast playing, you won’t find yourself bored. Plus, it’s a good way to get moving instead of vegging out on the couch for the whole day. 

3. Play an instrument

One of the benefits of playing an instrument is getting into a flow state. When you play music, it’s easy to get lost in it. So, instead of thinking, “I’m bored,” you’ll simply be enjoying yourself. If you’re learning an instrument or a new song, it’ll give you a bit of mental stimulation because you’ll need to focus more, which is optimal for getting into a flow state. Plus, music is fun to listen to as you play, making it a low-key thing to do when you’re bored. If you don’t own an instrument, you can play a video game such as Guitar Hero, which also helps you get the same effect. And if you don’t have that either, you can download music software and create your own music online. 

things to do when you're bored

4. Read a book

Reading is one of the most low-key things to do when you’re bored. It doesn’t take much effort to sit and read something. If you have a Kindle, you can download a new book to read. Pick something you’re actually interested in reading so that you can enjoy yourself. There’s no point in choosing something that’ll bore you. Find a biography for a person you admire, read about a historical moment in time, or choose a mystery book. If you’re not in the mood to read a book, you can read the newspaper in different accents to amuse yourself while staying up to date with the latest news about your local community. You can also read articles online on popular blogs like this one. 

5. Marathon a new show

If you’re looking for low-key things to do when you’re bored, try watching a new show on a different subscription service. Maybe you can’t find something you like on Netflix, so you try out Disney+, Crave, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Watching a new show or movie can inspire you to take action. For example, if musicals bring you to life after watching them, you might do some writing or singing after it’s done to create your own. If a romantic comedy inspires you, you might end up planning a small getaway with your partner to show your romantic side. Ultimately, whatever you end up watching should encourage you to get up and be active in something positive. 

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6. Decorate your house

Sometimes, when you need things to do when you’re done, it’s because your environment has been a bit negative. You can’t also move to a new place when you want to. However, you can make changes to your environment by decorating your house. Then, around the holidays, you can theme your home for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Canada Day, and of course, Christmas. You can even decorate your house for special occasions like birthday parties. If no upcoming holidays are on the horizon, consider decorating your home with new wall art, rugs, or figurines, to add some life to your home and re-energize yourself. 

7. Make a Spotify playlist

Adding positive songs to a playlist can add energy to your day when you’re feeling bored. If you feel bored because you’re depressed, you might listen to songs about depression. Ultimately, the playlist you listen to should help you get the emotions out. If you’re depressed, crying it all out might be worthwhile so you can cleanse the negativity out of yourself. However, listening to upbeat songs can help you zap that energy back into your body if you need an energy boost. You can make a playlist and allow your friends to add songs. And when you’re feeling up to it, you can all have a get-together where those songs are the background music you listen to. 

listen to music when you're bored

8. Play video games

You can play many anxiety relief games that help you deal with negative emotions, like boredom.  Video games can also mentally stimulate you by challenging you in new ways. They help you improve your manual dexterity, increase your brain’s gray matter, improve your social skills, and teach you how to solve problems better. So, if you feel like playing video games is just causing you to be inactive, that’s not true. Finding the right game to play can be tough when you’re an active gamer, so consider trying a new game or inviting friends to play with you. If you’re looking for something more active, you could try fitness video games. If you don’t have a system, you can search for games on YouTube and follow other gamers’ full gameplay. 

9. Send people heartfelt messages

When was the last time you told someone how much you care about them? You can create quick videos to randomly let your friends and family know what you love about them. First, write down a list of reasons why you love them or why you appreciate them. Then, record yourself in a video letting them know. Do it for people who you know appreciate you too, so they feel happy about it. 

If you want to step this up a notch, invite your family and friends under the guise of a birthday party for yourself or some sort of self-celebration. While everyone is there, get everyone’s attention and start reading a speech you’ve written for every person you invited. People won’t ever suspect that you’d do this for them, but everyone will feel valued and loved. 

things to do when you're bored

10. Go for a walk

One of the things to do when you’re bored is to go for a walk. You can forge a new path and go on a new journey. Explore a new path you’ve never been on before. If you’ve heard about specific trails, you can journey towards them and hike on a new trail. Invite a friend if you’d like someone to talk to while on this hike. However, if you’d like to enjoy some solo time, you can go for a walk listening to music and just enjoy nature. While most people would prefer to go for walks in the summer when it’s warm, a winter walk can wake up some life into you when you’re cold.

You can follow along to a mindful walking meditation by downloading Declutter The Mind on your phone for free. The app includes meditations for walking, eating, and many other activities. So if you’d like to enjoy the experience of being out in nature while following along to a guide, the app will allow you to meditate in nature. 

11. Write a song

If you have some spare time and are searching for things to do when you’re bored, consider writing. You can write a song, a poem, a book about your life. Anything really. As long as you write from the heart, it will come out beautifully. Or funny. Whatever the goal of your writing is. 

You can write songs about anxiety, songs about death, or songs about being alone. Let your emotions flow out of you and keep it real. 

You can also write in a journal, such as a gratitude journal, mindfulness journal, or just about your daily life. Following journaling prompts, you’ll be able to write from experiences you didn’t think of automatically. 

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12. Learn a new dance

While some people go on a social media detox, others learn a new dance that they can post on TikTok. You can take online dance lessons, follow along to popular dances on TikTok, and watch YouTube videos of dancers. Not only will dancing allow you to be active in your boredom, but it’ll also allow you to learn something new.

You can spend some time with friends or family creating dance moves together. If you’re not interested in posting the dance moves online, no worries. Instead, consider hosting a small dance party in your home where everyone comes over to dance. Most people dance at nightclubs or at weddings. However, as you get older, those events become less common. So instead, host your own party at home with your closest loved ones and have a good time dancing together. 

13. Organize your closet

For those looking for things to do when you’re bored that is similar to cleaning, cleaning out your closet could be a good addition. Not only does having an organized closet remind you of how much stuff you own, clearing some of that stuff out can allow you to make some extra money or help others in need. 

Donating clothing that doesn’t fit or that you have no interest in keeping allows you to do a good deed for someone else. That act of kindness always ripples back in a positive way. Plus, by having less stuff in your closet, you can actually find clothing you’ve been looking for. 

You can organize your closet by what you wear the most to the least, so that your favorite belongings get worn the most. You can also organize your closet seasonally so that your warm and cool clothes are at the forefront, depending on the season. 

clean out your closet

14. Start a new project

You can start a new project if you’re aiming for things to do when you’re bored. You can start a business, a band, a book club, and so much more.

Find people with similar interests that you can spend some time with around a hobby you all love. Whether you start a solo project or a group one is up to you. However, by finding something you can stick with to prevent boredom throughout the year, you’ll likely never experience boredom again.

If it challenges you and makes you grow, you’ll likely continue to find interest in it. 

15. Learn a new skill

From meditation to skiing, there’s a long list of hobbies you can start and learn more about. You can search through a list of hobbies to see which one peaks your interest. Then, look for clubs locally that you can join for that hobby. Or find an online app you can use for that hobby.

You can take online courses, sign up for apps, and learn all about something new. Whether you’re reading a blog post about it or building something from scratch, there’s infinite things you can do by learning new skills.

Some people say that you should learn a skill that relaxes you, another one that makes you money, and third one that is fun for you. How you make it work is up to you. Just enjoy the process of learning something new to improve yourself. 

things to do when you're bored - learn


In this post, you learned about 15 low-key things to do when you’re bored. Being bored can be a great opportunity to dive into something new. Whether you learn meditation, clean your whole house, write a song, or learn a new skill is up to you. There are infinite low-key things to do when you’re bored that can be enjoyable, fun, and enlightening. So, what are you going to do next?

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