12 Happy Thoughts to Instantly Make You Happier

Amber Murphy
Amber Murphy

More often than not, our thoughts can be the primary source of unhappiness in our lives. We’re obsessively holding onto the wrong kind of thoughts, which can be toxic and unhealthy. Our thoughts have more power than we’re aware of, and if we’re not careful, it can cause us to lead an unhealthy life. However, if we have the right mindset on things, this can completely turn around our lives. By choosing to focus on happy thoughts, this gives more bliss in our lives and completely shifts our perspective on things. With this being said, the following are some happy thoughts to instantly make you happier.

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12 happy thoughts

To start living a more optimistic and pleasant life, here are some ideas for the kinds of happy thoughts you can start practicing and working into your everyday life. If you need some more inspiration, take a look at our happiness quotes.

1. You are not your past

Your mistakes and your bad decisions in the past is one of the factors that contribute to living an unhappy life. No matter what happened in your past, your identity isn’t connected to the things you’ve done. Every person has a part of their past that they’re ashamed to even talk about. However, you deserve to move forward, just like everyone else. By holding to the guilt and regret, you’re holding yourself back from being happy. Everyone makes mistakes, and it depends on you if you’re going to dwell on it or use it as a stepping stone to become a better version of yourself. 

2. Things happen for a reason

Door opening, giving way to a new opportunity

No matter what situation you may find yourself in, everything happens for a reason. It may not be a reason that we understand, but it’s still for a reason. No matter how hurtful or painful a situation is, we can use that to grow and become better. If pain didn’t exist in our lives, then we’d never be forced to go out of our comfort zone and learn things. We’re all stubborn by nature, and sometimes, pain is the only way we can learn and not repeat our mistakes ever again. After all, if things go smoothly all the time, we’d never grow into someone better, and we’d never see which aspects we have to change and adjust.

3. “I’m grateful for…”

Why should you have to focus on the bad things that happened, when you can choose to focus on what you’re grateful instead? One of the biggest benefits of gratitude is that it creates productively happy thoughts. While self-pity is an addictive and self-destructive drug, and focusing on the negative can be addictive when it’s the kind of thoughts you’ve been accustomed to. It’s easier to focus on what you lack, rather than what you have. No matter how much you have, you’re always wanting more: more money, more attention, more of this and that. However, if you shift your thoughts to what you’re grateful for, this will impact your life for the better. You become naturally more optimistic by focusing on what you’re thankful for.

4. You’re more than capable of doing anything

More than anything, our own thoughts limit us from reaching our maximum potential. If you plant happy thoughts in your head that you’re more than capable of doing anything, you start believing it for yourself. No matter what you feel at the moment, it doesn’t mean you should listen to your emotions. Emotions may be valid, but they aren’t exactly accurate. By giving in to your doubt, you’re letting yourself lose. Instead, take power and start believing that you are, in fact, capable of doing anything. You wouldn’t have been able to come this far if you aren’t, after all.

5. Your anxiety is lying to you

Man standing on a rock, alone in the middle of the water

Anxiety is a valid emotion, and to some extent, it’s a real mental condition. However, anxiety isn’t accurate, either. When you’re anxious, your thoughts are overwhelmed with feelings of blame, regret, guilt, and remorse. However, realize that you are more durable than your anxieties and fears. Sometimes, you feel anxious for no reason. The more you give in to your thoughts, the more it has power over you. Try reversing your thoughts and turn them into positive ones. By believing that your anxiety is lying to you, you gain control over choosing not to accept your anxious thoughts allowing you some inner peace.

6. Good things are about to happen

By planting happy thoughts like this in your head, you’re letting yourself be more positive and optimistic about the outcome of your life. No matter how fragile and confusing life may be, you deserve to have good things come your way. In a life full of good and bad, it’s productive to be optimistic about the fact that good things are coming your way. In fact, believing this to happen increases the chances of it happening, and the same goes for believing in negative things. Tell me, would you rather believe that good things are coming your way or believe that you’re going to be miserable?

7. It may not have worked out, but you gained wisdom

Certain things never turn out the way we want to, no matter how much we want them to. Whether it’s a relationship, a career, or something else entirely, certain things are out of our control. Despite the way things turned out, realize that you always gain something out of it, whether it’s wisdom or strength- or both. Experience is the best teacher to implant specific lessons in our hearts when we’re too stubborn to listen to words. When things don’t work out, we can focus instead on the fact that we became wiser and better people because of that experience.

8. You deserve to be happy

Child looking back laughing while holding a puppy

It doesn’t get simpler than this, but happiness can actually be a choice. You can always choose to be happy. Life doesn’t always have to be so complicated. Sometimes the only things making life complicated than it really is, is us. You can always be truly happy by doing things that make you happy and having people around that make you happy. When it comes to figuring out how to be happy, you need to give yourself permission first. Furthermore, happy thoughts make you a much happier individual, so why should you choose to focus on thoughts that bring you unhappiness?

9. You can always change your perspective

One of the most important aspects to lead a happier life is to alter your perspective accordingly. If you’re always choosing to have a negative and pessimistic outlook on life, this will affect your life for the worst. You’re still going to be seeing your life as something darker than it actually is. However, maybe things aren’t so bad in reality. What if things were actually great in your life, and your perspective is the only thing holding you back? By choosing to shift your perspective to a more optimistic angle, you’re letting yourself lean towards a happier life.

10. You don’t have to become like everyone else

You are both a masterpiece and a snowflake, simultaneously. You are a distinct individual who doesn’t have to fit in with everyone else just to prove a point. It’s normal to feel pressured to become like everyone and go for your own path, however, don’t do this. Happy thoughts consisting of this, arranges your perspective so that you don’t have to feel pressured to be someone you don’t want to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, thoughts, and beliefs, and the world shouldn’t have to change who you are. 

11. Focus on what matters, disregard everything else

This is your life, and ultimately, happy thoughts are the only thing that can lead you to happiness. That, among various other things. Your passion, your values, your principles, and the people that you hold closest to your heart- these are the things that matter the most. The rest, whether it’s people who choose to step down on you, toxic behaviors and habits, or the wrong mindset, should be forgotten if you genuinely want to live a happier life. 

12. Happy thoughts are not toxic positivity 

Group of women laughing together on a bench outside

One of the reasons why people think happy thoughts are unhealthy is because they believe you’re forcing yourself to be optimistic when you’re down. However, that isn’t the case. Happy thoughts don’t force you to become happy. Your feelings are valid, and you’re allowed to feel what you feel but still altering your mindset accordingly. You’re allowed to have happy thoughts, even when you’re in such an unfortunate situation. How else are you going to find the light in a terrible situation without happy thoughts? 

Start having happier thoughts

This isn’t to say that happy thoughts are the key ingredient to having a more joyful life, but it certainly does help a lot. We can be stuck too much in our own heads a lot, and by having happy thoughts, we can shift our perspective from darkness to light. Life is already unfortunate enough, and having negative thoughts isn’t certainly going to make your life any better. Happy thoughts, on the other hand, will guarantee a more optimistic and positive outcome. No matter what life throws at you, you can always come back stronger, and you can still overcome anything if you choose to have happy thoughts as a mindset. I mean, what do you have to lose, right? Since when has happiness ever been something terrible?

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