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Guided Meditation for Happiness

A lot of people want to find happiness in their lives. Some of them resort to easy but temporary joys. While it’s okay once in a while, the right way towards happiness is to be satisfied. It can indeed be hard to do those things in today’s era. But do not worry, achieving a happy life is not impossible. It is easy with the help of guided meditation.

What is meditation for happiness?

Guided meditation for happiness is a meditative practice that uses visualization, mindfulness, and loving-kindness to evoke feelings of joy and happiness.

Guided meditation for happiness

a large sunflower in a field of sunflowers.

Happiness meditation

This 10 minute guided meditation will help you evoke feelings of happiness.
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How meditation improves happiness

It can decrease your stress levels

Guided meditations do not only help you see your life from a different perspective, but it is also proven to have a lot of benefits. Based on scientific researches, guided meditation for happiness can increase one’s ability to face and withstand stressful situations.

You will feel more rested

One of the goals of guided meditation for happiness is to make you feel more rested. Even when you sleep 8 hours a day, your body sometimes needs more rest. This is especially true for people who are experiencing anxiety. A lot of anxious people have claimed that they always feel tired. Guided meditation will train their minds to relax instead of being apprehensive.

It can relieve any emotional pain you are experiencing

For people in distress, it is one of their goals to feel happiness. Others are constantly worrying about every little aspect of their lives. This makes them lose focus on essential tasks. With guided meditation, you will feel a bit more relaxed. It can ease all the emotional pain and suffering you are currently experiencing and lead you to happiness.

Lowers your blood pressure and improves physical health

When your stress level is decreased, it can lower your blood pressure and avoid complications in your circulatory system. People who meditate daily are at less risk of experiencing a heart attack or high blood pressure. The longer you practice meditation, the better the results.

It can strengthen your immune system

A healthy mind means a healthy body. Over time, you can feel a sense of completion, and you’ll feel a lot healthier than before. This is because a guided meditation can improve your immune system and increase your defense against diseases.

How to meditate for happiness

Find a place

While you can listen to a guided meditation anywhere, it is always advisable to do it in a quiet, comfortable place. Find somewhere where you can be alone with your thoughts. It can be in the corner of your own bedroom. It can also be in the living room of your house when nobody else is around. It’s essential to have a place with privacy to eliminate all the disturbances during your guided meditation.

Get comfortable

Aside from finding a private place for your guided meditation, you must also make sure that this place is comfortable. There are meditation chairs available online, but merely using a mat will be fine. It is advisable to sit on a mat on the floor. Most people are comfortable sitting cross-legged as you can hold this position for a long time without your leg muscles feeling numb. Make sure that the temperature of the room is to your liking. Finally, avoid having anything around that will disrupt your meditation.

Listen to a guided meditation

There are a lot of guided meditations available online made for everyone, whether you are just beginning your meditation journey or you have been meditating for a while. Try to remove any thought that pops up in your head for a few minutes. Listen to your body breathing. Feel each inhale and exhale. Finally, let the guided meditation bring you a step closer to happiness.

Try to remove any negative thoughts

It’s just you in your private place, and nothing else matters for the next few minutes. Do not think about deadlines or heartbreak. Just focus on yourself and your happiness. Relax any part of your body that is feeling a little bit tense. If your mind strays to a negative thought, try to stop thinking about it immediately.

Think of a happy memory

Now that your worries and fears are set aside think of your happiest memory. Remember the feeling of this emotion, how your lips stretch into a smile, how your chest feels so light. Do you feel a little giddy? Touched? Remember the exact feeling. Then, remember the details around. Remember the color of the sky. Remember the things you are holding. Try to recall everything in this happy memory.

Let that emotion flow through your body

You can feel your shoulders relax as you go through the meditation. Let this lightness flow through the rest of your body. From your head to your fingertips, to the tips of your toes. Let every cell of your body remember this happiness, this contentment.

Set aside a daily schedule for meditation

For more noticeable results, you must schedule a daily meditation. While one session is already beneficial in making you feel happy, continuously doing meditation daily will bring you closer to true happiness. You will feel a lot more pleased and satisfied with your life.

Who will benefit from meditation for happiness?

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not just for people who experience high levels of anger or stress. Meditation is for everyone. There are emotions in our lives that we have considered normal, even though it shouldn’t be. For example, stress from work can benefit from meditation to help them deal with their tasks with a lighter feeling.

People who also feel tired even though they have a full sleep can significantly benefit from meditation. It helps you relax more and rest your mind while you are awake. Some people always worry about things in their lives, even though they have no apparent reason for this stress. Sometimes, it’s helpful to take a step back and meditate for you to find true happiness.

If you’re not contented with your life, try meditation. It works wonders for people who are seeking to find happiness within themselves.

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