8 Ways to Achieve Inner Peace

Amber Murphy

We currently live in a society where the noise of our thoughts and our anxieties tend to consume us daily. In such a fast-paced world, inner peace can be a struggle to achieve. We’re continually awaiting the next thing in our lives, and that can be one of the aspects that disrupt our inner peace. Inner peace isn’t something that we force. However, certain things can contribute to having that inner peace.

How to achieve inner peace

When it comes to achieving inner peace, the first step is coming with a good attitude. If you’re cynical, or even too skeptical, it will block you from reaching this state of mind.

You need to bring an open mind before you can have inner peace. With that, here’s 8 ways to get there.

1. Social media detox

Row of people hunched over using their cellphones to check social media

One of the causes that disrupt inner peace is social media. Social media is the most accessible platform where a comparison is present. Especially on Instagram, it’s a competition of the highlights in your life. However, what you fail to realize is that nobody ever posts the moments that are mundane and normal. People post their best moments on social media and not their worst. If you’re always on social media, this can give you anxiety that you may not be living your best life. As you see your friends and followers posting their travels, their relationship, their successes, you’re stuck there comparing your own life to theirs. If you’re not careful enough, social media can disrupt your inner peace.

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This is where the concept of FOMO or ‘Fear of Missing Out’ comes from. Social media can cause you to fear not living your best life, and comparing yourself to your friends’ stories and posts will disrupt your inner peace. You don’t necessarily have to do a complete social media detox for a week or a month. However, every once in awhile, it’s best to take a break from your social media platforms. Doing this helps you gain control of reality and peace of mind. Social media can be a facade, and you may fail to differentiate what’s real and what’s not.

2. Practice self-love

In general, the world becomes more peaceful if you love yourself. One of the aspects that disrupt our inner peace is the constant war we have within ourselves. By practicing self-love, you’d be integrating inner peace within your life. You can actively practice self-love by doing things that make you happy and lift your spirit. If your passion includes writing and reading books, then you can do these activities in your free time.

You can also practice self-love by taking care of yourself and your body. Working out is one of the most common practices of self-love. Not only does it release endorphins in your body, but it also makes you feel good about yourself, which leads to inner peace. Doing something you’re passionate about is ultimately the best way to gain inner peace. One of the main reasons for inner peace is conflict and lack of passion. If you invest in yourself and take care of yourself properly, then you have more room for inner peace in your life. 

3. Steer clear from negativity

Woman smiling in a sunflower field

This is the most basic yet can be the hardest thing to do to gain inner peace in your life. Of course, nobody in their sane mind would want negativity. However, sometimes it’s in our nature to dwell on negativity rather than positivity. Choosing to dwell on negativity in your life, whether it’s in the form of your thoughts or your habits, will disrupt your peace. Negativity is the fastest way to ruin the inner peace you currently have. It’s the easiest thing to dwell on negativity.

For instance, when something happens the opposite of how you expect it to be, the most natural thing would be to live on the negativity of the situation rather than looking for the bright side of things. When we focus on even something as simple as our negative thoughts, we’re giving that control to our peace. Instead of looking for the flaws and hopelessness of the situation and of things, choosing to be more positive is the best way to regain your sense of inner peace back. Learn how to stop complaining and steer clear of negativity.

4. Avoid self-pity

In a way, this is connected to what was mentioned above in negativity. As humans, we have this immense tendency to go in a self-pity routine when things aren’t going our way. If we didn’t get that job or we go through a breakup, we integrate feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and regret within ourselves, which is why we lose our peace entirely. However, this isn’t supposed to be the case. It may be a normal tendency, but it isn’t exactly a healthy habit. Self-pitying yourself is one of the fastest ways to not only dwell on your emotions even more, but it gives you feelings of depression and anxiety.

Life is generally hard, and self-pity isn’t going to change the fact that life is painful sometimes. The only thing self-pity does typically makes you feel worse than you initially did and taking the blame on other people. To gain back your peace, take awareness and accountability of the situation rather than self-pitying yourself. Rather than telling yourself, “I’m such a worthless person,” take responsibility and tell yourself, “I may have messed up, but I can do better next time.” By practicing this habit, you’re taking back your control, building more confidence, and you’re deciding to do something about your life. We fail to realize that our life, including our peace, is in our control, and we can’t have peace if we don’t do something about our lives first.

5. Laugh a lot

Group of people laughing together

You can’t expect peace from a place wherein you’re taking your life too seriously. Life can be challenging enough, and ultimately, the best thing you can do for yourself is finding the beauty in your life. It’s okay to laugh, even at the silliest of things. Laughing has been proven to be the best medicine for struggle, after all. Contact your friends and arrange a meetup. Watch a funny movie on Netflix. Have a wine night with your girls. Basically, just find humor in even the most mundane things. Inner peace is often gained from a place you never expect to, and sometimes, that’s from a place of humor and laughter. 

6. Distract yourself

I know that it can be unhealthy to use distractions to forget your emotions. However, in some instances, distractions can actually be right for you and help you get your feelings in check. If you’re overwhelmed by anxiety or your own thoughts, it’s reasonable to run to video games, working out, or Netflix to help you regain a sense of control. Our emotions can control us if we’re not careful, and it’s not a pretty sight. By using distractions, it can help you think straight and get your mind in order again. You’re not using your distractions as an escape for feeling things, but it’s an outlet to process your emotions better.

Furthermore, by processing your thoughts and your emotions correctly, this helps you regain your peace. Unlike the contrary, distractions such as anxiety relief games also help you focus and think straight compared to using your emotions to make individual decisions. As you’re overwhelmed, if you attempt to even do anything while you’re high on emotions, it could be disastrous. 

7. Don’t pressure yourself

Woman in edgeless pool achieving inner peace

Feeling burned out and drained is a real thing you can feel if there’s a lack of balance in your life. As an individual, you’re continually striving to gain that work-life balance for yourself, and it’s very much possible. However, you can’t always perfect it. Some days, you put too much of your energy into your work, and other days, you feel unmotivated and unfulfilled. In attempting to balance everything, you should also take it easy on yourself. Especially if you’re a perfectionist and you have a tendency to control things, you may tend to pressure yourself in getting all aspects of your life together, and this is why you probably lost your sense of peace.

If you ultimately want inner peace, you should realize that you’re human, and you’re just as flawed as everyone else. You don’t have to put all ounce of energy in your work if it means being harsh on yourself if you see yourself fail. It also doesn’t mean that your worth is somehow less if you choose to take a break from your work. Decide the healthy balance between certain aspects of your life, and don’t feel frustrated if you don’t get it perfect. 

8. Meditation

Lastly, we have meditation. We’re always thinking about everything, whether it comes in the form of our future, our work tasks, or what we’ll be eating for dinner. We’re never not thinking about things. This is why meditation is one of the best things we can do for ourselves to achieve some sense of peace in our lives. Meditation gives you a break you need from the noise of your thoughts.

To start your meditation practice, check out our app Declutter The Mind. If you’re new, check out our meditation courses. Once you know how to practice meditation daily, you can begin to find some inner peace.

Find your inner peace

In conclusion, these are just some ways to help you achieve inner peace. Generally, creating inner peace may be challenging, especially if it doesn’t come naturally to you. In a world where everyone is preoccupied with everything, we no longer have time for ourselves. However, inner peace is still possible. If we choose to have awareness and change certain aspects of our unhealthy habits and lifestyle, we have more room for peace in our lives.

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