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12 Wellness Apps to Create a Stronger, Healthier, and Happier You

Rachel Sharpe

Wellness apps help you focus on taking the time to take care of yourself. Whether they offer you a moment of reflection or an energizing boost, you’ll find that these apps for wellness will help improve your mental and physical health. They’ll work to help you maintain a calm mind, a strong body, and a better understanding of the patterns in your wellbeing. If you’re looking to start good habits regarding your mental and physical wellbeing, consider downloading some or all of the wellness apps on this list.

12 Wellness Apps to Create a Stronger, Healthier, and Happier You

1. Declutter The Mind

Declutter The Mind guided meditation app

When investing in wellness apps, you’ll likely want to start with the mind. And what better way to declutter the mind than with meditation. The meditations on Declutter The Mind don’t feature gimmicks because it’s all about ensuring you’re in the right mindset to combat any challenges life throws your way. There are many benefits of meditation, such as reducing stress, relieving depression, improving focus, experiencing happier emotions, and many more. Wellness apps like Declutter The Mind include guided meditations for as short as five minutes or as long as an hour to ensure that you can fit it into your schedule no matter how chaotic your day may be. You’ll find guided meditations for any emotional or physical state you’re in, such as anxiety, mindfulness, sleep, focus, and many more. You can also follow along to a 30-day meditation course to learn how to meditate. You can also learn a ton of valuable meditation and mental health tips from their popular blog. You can find this wellness app on both the App Store or Google Play

400+ Free Guided Meditation PracticesDeclutter The Mind will help you live more mindfully and understand your mind better with a growing library of free guided meditation practices, courses, and daily meditation practices.

2. Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness is a fitness app that specializes in virtual workouts. Many people who are interested in wellness might not have the luxury of time that they need. For instance, parents and remote workers may spend most of their time at home instead of heading out to the gym. Fortunately, with wellness apps like Obé, you can complete your online workout at home. The benefit of this app is that classes fit around your schedule. You can find exercises between five and 60 minutes in length. So, if you’ve only got fifteen minutes in between meetings, you can take a full-on, ten-minute dance workout with time to spare. The fantastic thing about this wellness app is that it also includes live classes if you don’t like watching pre-recorded videos. And they’ll call on your name mid-class to help keep you motivated throughout your workout. This app for wellness includes classes, such as dance, power, cardio boxing, bounce, barre, pilates, yoga, HIIT, sculpt, and more. There are many benefits to doing meditation after exercise so pair this app with a meditation app for maximum results.

3. Period Tracker by GP International LLC

Women might benefit from some specialized wellness apps due to their ongoing monthly cycle. Tracking plays such an essential role in your wellness to ensure that you stay healthy. Fortunately, this wellness app, Period Tracker, helps track your monthly flow to determine if you have a regular cycle. This app will be handy when planning to get pregnant as it can inform you when you are ovulating to increase your chances of getting pregnant. This app does more than monitor your cycle, though. You can check off your symptoms concerning your period as well. If you experience symptoms, such as bloating, constipation, spotting, headaches, and more, you’ll be able to monitor them within the app. If you experience irregular symptoms for a few months, it’ll all be monitored in the app so that you can report issues to your doctor or gynecologist for further treatment. You can also select an icon to note dates that you are sexually active to help you determine when you conceived if you’re planning to get pregnant. 

4. My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal calorie tacking app

Wellness apps like My Fitness Pal help you monitor your food consumption and fitness activity every day. You can include how many calories you’re eating daily with a specific calorie calculator that includes all sorts of popular meals, including from restaurants. Then, you can pair that information with your fitness activity to help you understand why you’re losing, maintaining, or gaining weight. Your fitness activity will also let you know how many calories you’ve burned during the workout, so you’ll have data on your side for both your nutrition and fitness. My Fitness Pal also includes various other fitness apps, such as MapMyRun, Polar Flow, Garmin Connect, and more. You’ll find everything from step counters to wearables to help you stay informed about your wellness goals. 

5. Momentum Habit Tracker

Momentum’s Habit Tracker is one of the best wellness apps for tracking your habits. It helps you create a perfect daily routine to help ensure that you’re meditating, waking up early, journaling, exercising, and more throughout your day. You can plan your whole day using this wellness app to help ensure that you stay laser-focused on your priorities. The app integrates with your iCloud, so any meetings or appointments you have in your calendar will sync automatically. While this wellness app is currently only available on the App Store, it works on all Apple devices, from Apple Watches to iPads to iPhones. If you’re looking to become more productive in your everyday activities or want to experience more balance in your life, using a habit tracker app like Momentum’s might be a great starting point. 

6. All Trails

Specially designed to let you find the best biking, running, and hiking trails wherever you are, All Trails is a must-have for the adventure-lovers. The wellness app features more than 100,000 GPS and topo trails with great photos. You can also look out for trails by experience levels and fitness levels – or simply find routes that are wheelchair-friendly, dog-friendly, or kid-friendly. All Trails helps you make sure that you don’t ever get lost by turning your smartphone into a great GPS tracker. It’s easy to get driving instructions to the head of the trail, save trails to your bucket list or favorites, check statistics after the run or hike, and share your route on your social media. The free version contains ads and doesn’t track you in areas with no signal. The Pro version comes for $30 and features offline maps, location tracking, real-time map overlays containing data on air quality, weather, and pollen count, as well as a Lifeline feature to assign some emergency contacts.

7. Streaks

One of the most impressive yet free wellness apps, Streaks, helps you bid farewell to all those bad habits and practice the good ones. The idea behind the same is to create tasks in your to-do list of the app. For example, if you want to spend 15 minutes meditating or want to jog in the morning, make a new task in the list. The app allows you to track up to 12 responsibilities per day, featuring over 600 different task icons and 76 color themes to personalize the tasks. The chief goal is to build a streak of consecutive days with your choice of tasks. While it works on Android and iOS both, Streaks can link to the Apple Health app, thereby knowing when you’ve completed a task automatically, and you can also set reminders. It makes it so easy to view statistics like your best streak at a particular moment.

8. Noom

Noom coach app

Next up on this list of wellness apps, Noom runs on the psychology of food and human behavior towards it. Instead of cutting out meals, the app works on changing behaviors and going for an intense fitness regime. Skilled trainers, expert nutritionists, and behavioral psychologists recommend the schedules. You have got personal health coaching, articles, and quizzes, while also tracking your weight, exercise, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. The free version lets you feed your goals and weight, based on which the app prepares a plan for you based on your caloric intake. You can manually record your exercise and food intake while the app tracks your steps and can also work with Google Fit and Fitbit. The premium version offers a support group and a rich course in preventing diabetes, healthy weight loss, and avoiding hypertension.

9. Wakeout

We all know that exercise is crucial for the body and mind alike, yet finding the time to indulge in a workout session seems challenging at times. Wakeout is a fitness app that comes to the rescue if you are a fitness enthusiast but often short on time. The app features short bursts of exercises that work wonders for staying motivated and fit. There are more than 270 workouts and over 1,000 exercises to choose from. Each physical activity caters to your energy levels. Right from easy-to-do couch exercises to the ones that you can perform in a chair, Wakeout has got you covered. You can even exercise on your daily morning route to work. While you can get the app for free, full access calls for signing up for $5 per month or $48 annually – quite reasonable for fitness-oriented wellness apps.

10. Fabulous

This wellness app tags itself as your personal happiness trainer and coach – and one can’t agree more. Fabulous employs a holistic approach to making its users happier and healthier at the same time. Whether you want to increase your energy levels, get a better night of sleep, or reduce your anxiety levels – Fabulous has you covered. You can create a motivating morning ritual, join the integrated fitness programs, get advice from a one-on-one coach, and teach healthy habits. There’s a Sleep Better Challenge that combines various tasks to complete to ensure sound sleep, such as taking a nice shower or preparing chamomile tea. The different regularly updated sessions of the app are crafted in collaboration with experts and researchers, wherein great sessions like the Mind Bus help you get rid of stressful thoughts. It comes for a monthly fee of $10 and an annual subscription of $96, working as an all-in-one wellness app.

11. Shine

Centered around helping you rest and heal through difficulties, Shine is a self-care app designed for females. It has thoughtful motivational messages delivered through audio and text while also offering a community to let you connect with other members. The focus elements include anxiety, stress, burnout, creativity, acceptance, productivity, professional frustrations, forgiveness, and more. Shine features a daily mood tracker, a gratitude list, and more. The app’s audio files are crisp, short, and well organized. If you’re experiencing anxiety, you can get your hands on a soothing meditation in just a few seconds. On the other hand, it also lets you start multi-day challenges that can boost your mood. For an annual subscription of about $54, you can access the podcasts and audio challenges while also saving your favorite texts and clips to listen offline. You can also pay monthly and cancel whenever you want.

12. Yoga Studio

Yoga app

Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, Yoga Studio is perfect for just about anyone who wants to practice yoga. The app has 180 HD video classes ranging from 5 minutes to an hour while also letting you create your own classes pose by pose by accessing 20 different pose blocks. The user can search for classes based on intensity level, ability, duration, or focus and download them for offline use. It features collections such as 10-minute yoga, yoga for mental health, and yoga for runners. Yoga Studio also includes relaxing activities, while also letting you choose between a spectrum of background sounds and music. You can go for a full teacher narration for the classes, or hear only pose names or chimes. You get a free 7-day trial, further choosing between 9 different subscriptions.


Wellness apps like Declutter The Mind and the many others featured on this list, help you practice self care ideas like meditation, exercise, and mindful eating to get you in the right mindset and physical shape. Use apps like Declutter The Mind to help you invest in your wellness and prevent burnout, anxiety, or worsening health.

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