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15 Ways to Achieve Personal Growth in 2023

Rachel Sharpe

Make 2023 the year you achieve personal growth. These past few years have been trying, but they haven’t gotten you down. Hardships, challenges, and education all help strengthen you to create the new you for the new year. If you’re looking to create a version of yourself that’s better than all the rest, then it’s time to take action towards having a growth mindset so you can achieve the personal growth in 2023 that gets you where you want to go. In this article, we’ll share the fifteen most proven ways to experience personal development and self improvement in your life.

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15 Ways to Achieve Personal Growth in 2023

1. Practice meditation

You can experience spiritual growth through a meditation practice. It helps you reframe your situation because you now become aware of your negative thoughts. A positive person is typically someone who meditates. They’re able to transform their thinking into happy thoughts. With a positive mindset, you’re able to completely shift your experiences, behaviours, and outlook. By following a guided meditation, you can develop a self awareness that allows you to understand, which aspects of a situation you want to change and keep. Meditation can also help with self growth because it rewires our brain. Everything in life boils down to our thoughts and how we frame a situation. If you’re able to say, “this thought isn’t serving me” you can take a different action than the automatic thought that arose in your head. Those who practice a daily meditation end up with an inner peace that allows them to manage stress, overcome bad habits, and move forward with self development.

2. Know your strengths

You can always develop new skills, but knowing your strengths can play a big role in your personal growth. While self improvement is always important, having a core set of skills that you’re strong in allows you to succeed. Some say you should strengthen your weaknesses, but you can’t be great at everything. So why not double down on what you’re exceptional at? You don’t always need to leave your comfort zone, sometimes you can just add on top of what you’re already great at. New skills that complement your strengths can help take you to the next level of your personal development. However, the universal strategy that top performers use on average is to double down on their strengths to become masters of their craft. So, if you have weaknesses, no problem. Stick to what you’re good at until you become the best at it.

3. Never stop learning

To grow personally, it all comes down to what you consume. If you’re struggling with mental health, consider investing in books about how the brain works. Learn everything you can about what triggers the brain, why thoughts happen, and how to improve your brain. By becoming a master of the brain, you solve the problem of bad mental health naturally. If you’re looking to advance in your career, attend conferences, read books about your craft, network with successful people in your industry, and become a sponge for learning a new trade and many techniques. You’ll be able to have increased productivity and achieve professional goals if you know what the experts know. If the weakest point in your life are your relationships, become obsessed with learning how to be a good person, help others, do acts of kindness and good deeds for loved ones, and listen to people when they give feedback. If your spouse asks for more help around the house, finish up your task, and them help them around the house. It’s that simple.

personal growth

4. Track your progress

Your personal growth can’t happen if you aren’t tracking your progress. Otherwise, how else will you know about your self growth? The best strategy is to collect data, record videos, or take before and after photos of your progress. If you’ve recently started playing an instrument, record a video of yourself playing it while you’re still in level one. Then, as you progress to other levels, record another video of yourself. Compare the two videos to see if you’ve grown. People who start side hustles and build websites, can monitor their performance by reviewing Google Analytics data, analyzing their profits, and comparing the growth of their social media accounts to determine their success. At work, you can compare yourself to co-workers in the same craft as you to see how you all grow. To reach your full potential, you’ll need to track your progress, set ambitious goals, and watch how long it takes to achieve them. Having proof of the before and after will allow you to see how much you’ve grown.

5. Create a morning routine

A morning routine can help with your personal development. Most people blindly go through the day hoping for the best. However, if you commit to a schedule that allows you to focus, improve yourself, and set the tone for the day you’ll experience personal growth. After all, it’s our daily habits that make us grow. You can have spiritual growth simply by waking up early in the morning, meditating, exercising, and taking care of yourself first thing in the morning. This ‘me time’ can completely transform you, so that you do experience personal growth.

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6. Invest in yourself

Personal growth comes down to how and what you invest in yourself. Do you exercise daily? Do you maintain positive relationships? Have you made sure you’re eating a balanced diet? Are you mindful of the content you consume? When was the last time you pampered yourself and practiced self care? Have you done activities that bring you inner peace and greater happiness? What type of knowledge are you storing into your brain? Have you taken the first step towards the path you desire in life? Are you enjoying the journey to success? There are so many ways you can invest in yourself to reach your full potential and experience personal growth.

7. Minimize social media

A social media detox could be just what helps you experience personal growth in 2023. You can’t live your life glued to your phone. There’s a whole world outside your social media accounts. It’s so easy to get stuck in endless loops of watching non-stop videos of dogs, dancers, and celebrities. However, it’s hard to experience success when you’re busy watching other people’s success develop instead. For your own development, you’ll need to build on top of your knowledge, learn a new process or two, live a life that’s worth living. All the information on social media is intended to keep you stuck on an app. But if you want your life to matter, you need to live. Your journey to personal growth will come when you forge your own path instead of mindlessly watching someone else’s.

social media detox

8. Put out kindness

You’ll discover happiness, a good environment, and an epic lifestyle the second you start putting out endless kindness into the universe. Setting goals like doing a good deed every single day for the rest of your life will really help shape the tone of your attitude. People with positive attitudes possess the secret to a happy life. Your personal growth will transform if all you do is put out goodness. People who get involved in petty revenge, backstabbing, and climbing over people, don’t get too far in their lives. Your behavior throughout your journey will give you the emotional tools to succeed in life. If you feel positive, help others, and focus on your constant improvement, your personal growth is guaranteed. Achieving success is easy when you have friends who will help you. And it’s easy to have friends when you’re constantly being kind.

9. Live in the now

Your personal growth all depends on what you do now. So, you can’t put out your hard work tomorrow. Or beat yourself up for your action’s yesterday. All you can control is your behavior right now. The course you take will have to be executed in the present moment. When you live your life in the now, you’ll have access to the tools, feelings, and coaching you need to set you up for success. It’s essential to work hard now, instead of later. Right now, you have all the resources you need to be successful. If you discover challenges, you’ll be able to get them out of the way earlier. If you need tips or coaching, you can contact someone right now. Your personal growth starts today, right now, in this moment. So, take action and get started.

present moment

10. Challenge yourself

You can challenge yourself in so many ways. You can lose weight if your physical needs aren’t quite where they used to be. You can train yourself to focus for longer, so you can get in the flow state to get the most work done possible for your personal growth. Taking the lead on a new project or side hustle can allow you to develop leadership skills or build new, stronger, and better habits. If you’re aware of where you can experience personal growth, you can challenge yourself in those areas. Challenge yourself to build on top of your emotional needs, so you can solve problems better. Do something that allows you to have spiritual growth. The challenges you set up for yourself will only make you tougher and better with time.

11. Know what to say yes and no to

Throughout your path to success, you’ll need to know what to say yes and no to. Every decision you make will lead you in a new direction. The process of choosing to say yes or no should depend on what would make you feel happier, challenge you, or allow you to explore a new area. If something doesn’t feel like a strong yes, then don’t do it. You can’t take on every opportunity. In general, people are more likely to regret something they said no to than something they said yes to. However, you shouldn’t feel guilty for saying no to something that doesn’t feel right for you. Your emotional reaction to the opportunity will say a lot about what you think about it. Explore new areas, but don’t be afraid to turn opportunities down, if you aren’t passionate about it.

say yes to personal growth

12. Build out your support system

The person you become during your personal growth will largely depend on the people you spend the most time with. If you spend time with a positive person who cheers you on, you’ll likely succeed because you have a strong, supportive system. However, if people are discouraging you from pursuing the path of personal growth that you’re passionate about developing, the process will be much harder for you. Developing yourself is much easier when people are rooting for your success.

13. Prioritize your health

People don’t realize they’ve neglected their health until it’s too late. It’s not just about maintaining a specific weight. It’s about having the nutrients and vitamins to strengthen you when you’re sick. Going for a daily run will help you control anxiety and maintain a healthy body. However, the first thing we lose as we age are our muscles, so doing some weight training can help you become a stronger person and prevent muscle loss. Developing your muscles, eating a balanced diet, taking care of your physical health, and following the latest fitness tips can all help you prioritize your health. Being healthy is an important part of your personal growth. It’s hard to do anything when feeling sick. So prioritize your physical health.

invest in yourself

14. Make serious changes

Developing yourself is all about making serious changes. The process of creating good habits and cutting bad ones isn’t easy. However, for the sake of your development and personal growth, the changes you make need to be big or at least constant. Your personal growth will depend on good, consistent activities that shape you into a better version of yourself. If you want professional success, your activities might include increasing followers, building assets, doing repetitive work that scales, and more. If you strive to improve your physical development, following the tips of a fitness trainer will be helpful, such as eating clean daily and exercising at least an hour a day. You need to show up ready to work on it daily.

15. Celebrate your wins

There’s no point in having personal growth if you don’t plan on celebrating your wins. Achieving personal growth is such a huge milestone in your development. The techniques you learned along the way, the challenges you’ve overcome, the books you’re reading, the fall of your old ways, the intellectual changes you’ve made all help shape the person you’ve become. You’ve read the popular authors. You’ve worked hard. The person you’ve become is the person you dreamed of becoming. Be proud of what you accomplish as you grow, get better, and improve. So, celebrate your personal growth journey throughout the stages because you have come so far.

celebrate your wins


Your personal growth will evolve so much as you make serious changes, minimize social media, meditate, keep learning, and doing other things that make you better with time. As you grow, you need to track your performance, celebrate your wins, and relish in your personal growth. So, what’s the first step you’ll be taking in your personal development?

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