16 Life Tips to Help You Live a Happy, Healthy, and Stress-Free Life

Rachel Sharpe

Life isn’t easy. We spend most of our lives figuring stuff out as we go along. We make bad decisions, trust the wrong people, and hurt people we care about. It leads to stress, sickness, and depression. While we can’t offer you a roadmap on how to live your life, we can share some of the best life tips to help you live a happy, healthy, and stress-free life. Using these life tips can help you achieve a sense of peace while still allowing you to live a life that’s unique to you. So, let’s give these life tips a whirl…

16 Life Tips to Help You Live a Happy, Healthy, and Stress-Free Life

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1. Develop Good Habits

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The key to success in life is to develop good habits. You are what you do. If you mindlessly scroll through social media feeds for hours on end, you’ll live a mindless life. If you choose work over life, you’ll likely achieve a lot of professional success. If you prioritize your family, you’ll likely have a lot of social success. If you aim to have a balance of work and play, you’ll likely find life to be quite meaningful. The actions you take every day create the path you end up on. So choose your habits wisely.

2. Do What You Love

One of the life tips you should consider following is do what you love. In everything. If you love going for walks, find thirty minutes to an hour to go on one each day. If you love painting, spend your free time doing that. If you’re obsessed with writing, you might choose to freelance write for a website for a living. Maybe you love moving your body, so you take on a part-time job teaching fitness classes to inspire people to have fun getting in shape. Whether you’re looking to do what you love for pay or pleasure, there’s no such thing as being too happy by focusing on doing activities you love doing. I mean who wants to spend their life doing meaningless work that makes them miserable? Doing something you hate doesn’t make you a martyr. There is another path you can choose. 

3. Block Negative Thoughts

If you’re looking to live a good life, a life tip to consider is blocking negative thoughts. Yeah, I know, way easier said than done. You’re going to be telling your brain to quiet down a million times those first few weeks. But there is a way to reduce negative thoughts. You need to learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. When a toxic thought enters your mind, you’ll need to think of a new positive thought to replace it. Don’t let that Negative Nancy in your head spiral you down the path of no return. 

4. Practice Daily Meditation

Woman sitting on couch listening to guided meditation

One of the best life tips is to practice meditation daily. Meditation helps you become more aware of your life. It grounds you in the present. You know how you’re always yo-yoing between the past and future? Well, that’s why you’re always so depressed and stressed. But in the present moment there’s peace. It helps you become more mindful of your actions and what’s actually happening around you. And eventually by living in the present world more, you begin to enjoy life. Why? Because you finally stepped outside your head. 

5. Do An Act Of Kindness Daily

If you’re looking to achieve more happiness in your life, a life tip to try out is doing an act of kindness every day. It’s actually really easy to do, and doesn’t take much work. When you go on social media, leave kind comments on people’s posts. When you’re notified of a friend’s birthday, wish them well. The more acts of kindness you do, the kinder you become over time. The kinder you become the less stress you’ll have to deal with long-term. 

6. Be A Minimalist

Life tips don’t get any simpler than this. Being a minimalist can save you from so many headaches. If you live in a small home with not a lot of stuff, that can actually be a good thing. There’s less to clean and less to worry about. Things don’t give life meaning. People do. So instead of hoarding junk from the good old days, you might feel relieved to have fewer things than you did before. It feels good to have less stuff.

7. Be Curious

The best life moments begin with, “I wonder what that’s like…” In my twenties, I claimed to be a dare-devil. I’d jump out of planes, jump off bridges, and jump over logs with my bike. But after weeks and weeks of adventure, I realized that I didn’t feel any happier than I did before. It made me realize that while I’m able to silence the voice in my head that screams danger, I didn’t actually enjoy any of the daring activities that I did. Curiosity isn’t always about finding new things you love. It’s about learning who you are and what you’re capable of. If you never try something, you’ll never know what you actually think of it. Now, that’s one of those life tips you’ll need to try for yourself. 

8. Stop Trying To Impress People

Woman smiling and looking into camera

Life’s too short to impress people. In our world, we’re the most important person. It’s our responsibility to believe in our importance to keep ourselves alive long enough to reproduce and fulfill our life’s purpose. But outside of our world, each person also believes they’re the most important person. Evolution designed us that way so that we continue to multiply. You’re never going to convince someone that you’re more important than they are. No matter how hard you try. Instead, focus on making yourself happy and more stress-free. Live the life you want to live instead of the life others want you to live. Or that you think others want you to live. 

9. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

One of the most essential life tips is don’t compare yourself to others. It’ll only make you miserable. Comparison is a dirty game where no one wins, so stop comparing yourself to others. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. And it’s not greener under you either. The whole world has enough greenery for everyone. Every person has a set of experiences and skills that lead them down a unique path. Their path isn’t better or worse than yours. It’s just different. You could spend your whole life comparing your life to others only to realize that no one was playing that game with you. What a waste of time and mental energy. Take the time to enjoy the good moments while they’re around. And observe what led to the unpleasant moments so you can grow from the experience. 

10. Avoid Debt 

Debt is so ingrained in so many cultures that most people assume that it’s impossible to live debt free in the world. While financial hardships can set us off course, we should work hard to avoid being indebted to others. The easiest way to do this is to avoid buying things you don’t need to impress people. Most people try to one up their friends and family by going bigger. They’ll buy bigger houses, more cars, and expensive things to appear rich. However, appearing rich and being rich aren’t the same thing. So, the life tip to follow here is to avoid debt caused by keeping up appearances. 

11. Remember People’s Names and Birthdays

One of the keys to success in life is remembering people’s names and birthdays. There’s nothing sweeter than the sound of your name. And when someone remembers your name and birthday it makes you feel special. If you want to live a happy life, go out of your way to celebrate people’s birthdays. A quick message will make them feel excited on their special day. Do it a day late and the excitement wears off. When you meet someone ask for their name and birthday. Put it on your phone so you don’t forget. Or repeat their name multiple times as you speak with them, so it doesn’t slip your mind.

12. Have A Work Life Balance

Man sitting at desk working in home office

One of the life tips worth following is making sure you have a healthy work life balance. Most people don’t. Most choose work over life. They say it’s because they’re ambitious. They want to be successful. Or worse– they lie to themselves by saying they love to work. But really, they don’t love to work. They’re hiding from life. They’re hiding from their friends who know who they really are. They’re hiding from their families who love them unconditionally. They’re hiding from the life experiences that force you to grow. Work is a part of life– we can’t escape it. But work doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) your whole life. 

13. Spend Time With Loved Ones Every Chance You Get

When we lose someone we love, we fall apart. We want them back. We become depressed from the loss. But while we’re all here and alive, we instead fight or get annoyed by them. Fighting with someone is a choice, not a requirement. You don’t have to fight with every person you disagree with. It’s important to be patient with your family members. You can choose kindness in all interactions. You can give people the benefit of the doubt when you feel frustrated with them. It’s possible to choose love over hate. While you’ve still got your friends and family by your side, take advantage of every moment you have with them. Spend as much time with them as possible. Call them often. You never know when it’ll be your last chance. 

14. Be Grateful

In life, you’ll experience many hardships and setbacks. That’s true. We won’t deny that. But there are so many people out there who’ve helped you throughout your life. There have been teachers who’ve educated you. There have been friends who’ve stood by your side. You’ve been given opportunities and things that others might have wanted but never had the chance to get. Each day write down a few things you’re grateful for and reap the benefits of gratitude. Be mindful of all the things you have instead of all the things you don’t have. By being mindful of what you have, you begin to appreciate your life in this moment. That way, when you lose some of the things you have now, you’ll know that you cherished loved ones while you had them in your life. 

15. Explore The World

One of the greatest life tips is to explore the world. You don’t need to be a millionaire to get out there and explore. Some of the best trips can be had for only a couple hundred dollars. You can go on a road trip and explore new cities and states or you fly overseas to experience a different culture. Exploring the world is about exposure to different types of people and living so you can put together as many different perspectives to understand what life’s all about. 

16. Live Life Your Way

Path in open landscape

The final life tip that we want you to focus on is to live life your way. Trust us, if you let them, others will happily dictate who you are, what you do, and what you believe. But not everyone wants the best for you. Besides, it’s no one’s responsibility to want the best for you. Everyone has to live life in their own way. Philosophers often say, “live in accordance with your nature.” That means live life in the way you were born to live it. You’ll learn so much about yourself the longer you live. Be the person you know you’re supposed to be. Don’t let fear put you on a different path. Be you. There’s no one else like you and the world needs the real you to balance stuff out. 


Are these life tips helping you get back on track? Life isn’t very long– especially when you never know how much time you have left. So while you’re here make the most of each moment. Take the time to soak in gratitude for this wild experience. Tell everyone you love how much they mean to you. Put people first. Live a life that’s in accordance with your nature. Put the work laptop down and hang out with that “annoying” family member who won’t stop talking to you. Because it’s these little moments that make life meaningful and worth living after all.

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