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How to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Amber Murphy

Life on earth can be tragic or joyful, depending on whether you view the world from a lens of pessimism or optimism. Many factors contribute to people having a good life the same way as those who have a disastrous and struggling one. No matter what kind of life you’re living right now, one thing is for sure; we should develop an attitude of gratitude for whatever we have and what we do not have. We know how challenging life can be when we’re missing something or someone we need and love, though.

Life isn’t always about having everything, but it’s also about being grateful for the things you have yet to achieve, making you look forward to each day that comes. Having the attitude of gratitude is something that not everybody develops naturally. Some people get stuck in the past, longing for something that’s no longer possible to have once again.

Being thankful and contented is hard, especially during the trying times in our lives. Problems, difficulties, and sadness often cause us to be less grateful. You may be asking how to develop an attitude of gratitude in all the negativity surrounding our world today. In this article, we’re going to share exactly that.

What Is An Attitude of Gratitude?

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An attitude of gratitude allows you to be thankful for all the blessings you receive each day, despite having challenges or setbacks in life. It means that you can always express your appreciation for all the opportunities you get in your life. A person who feels grateful knows that sometimes good comes out of bad events, even if the situation seems hopeless.

When you’re grateful, you’ll never ask for anything more than what you have because you’re appreciative of having something in the first place. The first step to developing an attitude of gratitude is to shift your mindset. By becoming grateful for the relationships, job, health, etc., in your life, you begin to see the more important things more clearly. Once you have the mindset, you can begin to cultivate good habits.

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Benefits of Developing the Attitude of Gratitude

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Instead of worrying about the things you don’t have, this kind of attitude will teach you how to let your appreciation for what you have grow more than your desire for wanting. Later on, it can even make you more confident and joyful in your life. Why? Because when we want something, we feel like we’re missing out, but it makes us feel satisfied when we recognize what we have.

As Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.” If you start feeling grateful today, all other aspects of your life will be positive and enjoyable. Some of the benefits of acquiring an attitude of gratitude and the benefits of gratitude include the following:

1. More self-confidence and self-esteem

Those who experience the desire of wanting something feel like they’re missing out. Instead, if you feel an attitude of gratitude, you’ll feel a sense of abundance, resulting in greater self-confidence and higher self-esteem.

2. More happiness

By taking some time to feel grateful for having what you do in your life, you’ll feel happier because, at this moment, you’ll know you still have a lot going on for you. If you’re disgruntled because you feel like you don’t have as much as you should, your negative thoughts will prevent the happiness you could feel.

3. Less stress and worry

When we want something, we tend to work harder to get it. More success and more money often require more work. But is life about work, or is it about living? People often forget what their true goal is and get stressed by the climb instead of taking the time to enjoy life.

4. Increased feeling of abundance

An attitude of gratitude can help you feel abundance. Feeling like you have a lot or a little often comes down to your mindset. Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Your life is ever-changing. Over the years, you’ll gain more and lose more, and while some of it is within your control, not all of it is. So, if you have something important in your life, remember that not everyone has what you have.

5. Better relationships

Those who’ve developed an attitude of gratitude are more likely to have better relationships. When you’re grateful for the people in your life, you tend to experience more positive relationships with them. You’ll praise their accomplishments, recognize all the good deeds they do for you, and enjoy spending time with them.

6. Less comparing yourself to others

Comparison can create a ton of envy. And envious people don’t feel an attitude of gratitude. When we constantly look at what our neighbors have, we feel a sense of lack, which creates a desire for more. And it’s this desire, which prevents our happiness. Gratitude helps you stop comparing yourself to other people.

How to Develop An Attitude of Gratitude

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There’s no sure way of achieving it overnight, but there can be ways to slowly but surely feel more grateful. If you try one of the tips on the list below, you may be able to see some improvement in your attitude sooner.

Start by constantly saying “thanks” to what others give to you and the good things they do to you. It should not cause you a lot of effort to say the word for something great that they did for you. It’s simple, but it means so much to the person. When in a restaurant, remember to thank the people who serve you great food, such as the waiters and the cook.

Keep in mind that the generosity and kindness that others give you must be reciprocated with the same. Let people know that you appreciate what they did by doing the same thing to others so that the goodness will spread to others. You have to realize that every favor done for you costs other people their time and effort, which deserves to be appreciated.

Always remember that more than all the struggles and difficulties, there are things to celebrate about. A person with an attitude of gratitude looks at the better things in life, even the worst ones, and sees the positive side of them. This could make you feel more inspired instead of worried. It also helps you develop a positive mental attitude.

Always look for a chance to give back. Whenever you can, do the same thing to anyone who would need your help. This way, you can show your gratitude to the goodness done to you through helping others, too.

Understand that your opportunities and gifts are not given to everyone. We’re all made unique with specific traits and destinies that will dictate the gifts we shall receive in our lifetime. So, if you are questioning why you are experiencing such a difficult situation or problem, always know that we all go through those things in different ways and extent. What you have may not be given to others simply because they live a different life than you.

Empathize with those who helped others and did not receive gratitude or a simple “thanks” in return. Imagine yourself being in the same situation of a person lending a hand to somebody who does not show gratitude or say “thank you.” By doing so, you would be able to feel how they feel, too.

Take good care of the blessings you get and make sure they’ll never be wasted. One good way of making others know you appreciate their gift to you is by being a good steward of what you have received. Likewise, if you just let your gifts be taken for granted or neglected is like saying you’re not happy and grateful for them.

Always pay the favor you had forward. Let other people experience the positivity and benefits you acquired through other’s help. If the people who helped you do not need help now, make sure to help others in your way because it was what has been done to you before.

Send a gift or token of appreciation and gratitude. This does not mean you have to give away expensive or material gifts. Your time for listening and giving advice is sometimes more than enough, too. Money isn’t also always what matters. Instead, it should be made of sincerity and genuine gratefulness.

Talk to people even when you do not need anything from them to show sincerity and care. Being there when they need you is excellent. But, to be there even when they don’t need your help is even more heartfelt and caring. Show them consistently that you care for them whenever you can by visiting them or calling them.

Pray for the welfare and good fortune of the people who helped you. If you cannot be a blessing to them physically or mentally, at least keep them in your prayers more potent than anything in this world. Ask for God to always guide and bless with longer life, so they help more people like you, too. It’s undoubtedly not going to be a waste of your time.

Know that God is giving you things that are more than what you asked for. Sometimes, He gives us something that we do not deserve, which could remind us to be more thankful. From the very beginning, we were saved by his only begotten son in exchange for all our sins here on earth.

If you need more ideas and ways to practice gratitude in your life, see our gratitude list that will give you a list of things to be grateful for.

Your Life with an Attitude of Gratitude

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Life is not always smiles and laughter. There will be times when we’ll have to cry and get hurt but what’s important is for us never to give up. We have to keep moving forward. With happy thoughts of gratefulness and contentment, life will be easier. Even the world’s strongest person has to fall to realize what he is missing and what he already has.

Your life will have a different meaning once you develop the attitude of gratitude. No problem will ever be so hard to solve again. You won’t ever let any chance pass your way without you trying because you know that you’ll have a lesson to take with you at the end of the day.

To be able to wake up each morning is a blessing, they say. It is one thing many of us forget to thank God for. If you are still alive today, it means you are given another chance to enjoy your life and to show others how nice it is to live. Open your eyes today and see how blessed you are for having people who are always there to support you no matter what.

Be more at peace with yourself and your life. Develop gratitude’s attitude using the tips we have listed for you above, or simply be grateful in your unique way. There is so much more that life has to offer you.

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