Looking for a Headspace alternative?

Declutter The Mind is a free guided meditation app that will teach you how to meditate and unlock the benefits of meditation for you.

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What Declutter The Mind offers

Growing free meditation library

Our library offers meditation for Mindfulness, Anxiety and Stress, Sleep and Relaxation, Managing Emotions, Mental Health, Productivity, and Unguided.

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30 day mindfulness course

Designed for beginners and meditation novices, this course will help you practice mindfulness, learn how to meditate, form the habit, and deepen your practice.

A new daily guided meditation

With the Daily Meditation, you’ll receive a new and original guided meditation for just today. The next day, you’ll find something else. The idea is to introduce you to different types of practices and concepts, while keeping things fresh.

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Why we’re the best Headspace alternative

Our goal is to bring an approachable, practical, and realistic experience and teachings to anyone who’s suffering or wants to better understand their mind. We want to do this by demystifying and removing the myth and hyperbole around meditation. Sitting down and observing the mind should be as commonplace as going to the gym. We want to create a world where everyone takes their mental health as serious as their physical health. Declutter The Mind serves to help bridge that gap.

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Declutter The Mind was created by a 14+ year practitioner of Vipassanā. We created the app as an alternative to Headspace because we wanted to create something that was taught by someone who’s accessible. Someone who’s not a monk and doesn’t make a living teaching people to meditate. We wanted to create something that would allow people to learn to meditate without any spiritual connotations, while still keeping some of the important insights into life and the mind that come with mindfulness and meditation. We also wanted to create something that takes you seriously. Declutter The Mind offers a serious and mature approach to meditation. We don’t want to water it down or present it in a cutesy way. Meditation is for your mind as the gym is for your body. It’s time to take it a bit more seriously.

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Unlock the benefits of meditation