Body scan meditation

Body Scan Meditation

There are many different types of meditation and body scan meditation is something extremely fascinating and yet, there is a lot of misconception about it. Today, with this article, we want to clarify everything explaining what is body scan meditation, which are its main benefits and how to do a body scan meditation all by yourself. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is body scan meditation?

Body scan meditation is a type of meditation that is usually performed lying down and is carried out to focus on the sensations of the body and to be able to relax and resolve any accumulated tensions, calm the pain but also to finally enjoy a deeper relaxation when if he needs it.

Very often, due to our increasingly hectic lifestyle, we ignore the signals of our body and metabolize incorrectly, thinking that maybe the back pain is due only to the back, that the headache is because we have had little sleep and that the annoyance in the joints of the hands is because we are too much to the smartphone.

Of course, this is possible but yoga, meditation and mindfulness teach us something else, affirming that our body often somatizes emotional problems, manifesting them on the body with various symptoms. For this reason we sometimes find ourselves in pain, tired and feel that, in some areas of the body, we have absorbed so much tension and rigidity. Body scan meditation aims to help us bring real attention back to our body but also to the present moment, giving us the opportunity to reconnect in a different way than we are used to doing.

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Body scan

This 10 minute guided body scan meditation will relax you and help you be more present with physical sensations.
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Benefits of body scan meditation

The benefits of body scan meditation are many. We list them below so that you can understand why you would need to incorporate this type of meditation into your routine and why it is so good for your body and soul.

  • Helps to reduce the sensation of pain: if there was a discomfort like a pain in the leg due to a distortion, with the body scan you can learn to breathe in pain and to relax body and mind to prepare them for healing
  • It is a great way to relieve anxiety: anxiety is known to be an emotional problem but it has many repercussions also on our body, just think of the feeling of trembling, tachycardia but also of the typical restlessness of this issue. With body scan, it is possible to aim for relaxation that starts from the body and reaches the mind, leaving us in a state of serenity and away from the obligations and worries of our daily life.
  • It is for a perfect remedy for insomnia: body scan meditation can be done at any time of the day. The beauty of meditation is precisely this, that it is a practical tool that can be used in different types of situations and wherever you are. There are those who, after a few practice and break-in sessions, even manage to do it during their break from work directly sitting at their desk in the office, or who, instead, inserts it before or after a yoga session lying on a yoga mat . But, the greatest benefits of this practice are if you lie down in bed before sleeping. If you suffer from insomnia, body scan can be the ideal solution to prepare your body for restful sleep thanks to total relaxation.

How to do a body scan meditation

A body scan may seem difficult to perform but, in reality, if you have all the information you need to undertake this exciting little journey, it’s easy to see how easy this really is to do.

First of all it will be necessary to prepare for meditation. Some people relax more easily than others. If you have any difficulty meditating to live in the present moment, help yourself by creating an environment that is inclined to relax. An example? Light some incense, use a candle, or use relaxing essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang and chamomile. Choose a quiet place where you can concentrate and away from annoying noises like TV, cell phones and people.

Find a comfortable position, preferably lying down on your bed and start inhaling and exhaling deeply.

As you visualize a body part just see the relaxation and if you feel any tension there see if you can send your breath there like a laser releasing any tension, pain or stress you are holding in that specific area of your body…

Bring your attention to your head… down to your shoulders… and to your rib cage… and your arms…to your pelvic area… down to your legs….. finally to your feet

One part at the time… As you focus on a specific body part, imagine a laser on it and breath into that part and exhale out relaxing even more…

When you feel ready you can scan your body completely and you are done!

If you find it tricky at first, don’t freak out but instead take your time to get used to the body scan meditation and to this moment of pure stillness and presence and you will start enjoying the incredible benefits of this rejuvenating relaxing practice.

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