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10 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

Amber Murphy

Meditation is a powerful tool that is beneficial to everyone. It offers physical, mental, and psychological benefits. It has shown to ease anxiety, depression, stress, among other psychological disorders. Insomnia is another disorder that can be cured through regular meditation. The scientific benefits of meditation are just some of the reasons why you should meditate.

Meditation at first may seem baffling and a little annoying, but as you keep on practicing, you’ll come to realize it isn’t dull at all. It’s captivating, and its upsides are incredible. Here are the reasons why you should meditate.

Reasons why you should meditate

1. Eases anxiety

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Although there is scientific backing that anxiety results from chemical imbalances in the brain, many psychologists have found that it’s often provoked by thinking about events that are yet to occur. In most instances, such events are worrying, leading to chemical imbalance.

Meditation is meant to help you concentrate on the present while giving you peace of mind. Studies have revealed how meditation reduces stress. But you don’t need studies, you can see for yourself and look into your own direct experience when you meditate and see how you feel.

People who have incorporated meditation in their workday routine are more likely to experience reduced levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. Meditation helps individuals to know their physical, emotional, and mental state. It also makes individuals less reactive but more responsive to things. This ensures you’ve peace of mind in your day to day endeavors.

Mindfulness via meditation has shown to reduce anxiety and maintain that level with constant practice significantly.

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2. It enhances your self-awareness

Do you know that 60,000 thoughts are running through your head daily? Are you aware of what you’re thinking about all the time? Are there times when you can’t tell what you’re thinking about or your desires?

Meditation makes it clear what you’re thinking about, your inner wants, and increases self-awareness. The thoughts comprise what you often think of, and those you’re not aware of but are always present. An ordinary unmeditated mind typically picks up a small percentage of thought strands that float through the mind on an hourly basis. On the other hand, a meditated mind picks substantially more.

Meditation increases self-awareness, and that’s why people who meditate often are more aware of their thoughts. This helps you to become aware of your thoughts, the way you think, your feelings, and your desires. It can also help you have more happy thoughts. This awareness is very critical when it comes to decision making now and in the future. Lack of consciousness is one reason people end up making wrong decisions because they get swayed by external factors.

Meditation makes you aware of what you want. So, you’ll find it easy to make decisions on your own without influence from external factors. Since meditation boosts your connection with your inner intuition, decision making becomes faster.

3. Makes you grounded and calmer

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In the meditation course, you cease to get attached to the physical world and become a third-party observer to the issues affecting you. Here you become an observant of thoughts and feelings that run on your mind. You cease from being influenced by your ego but get more aligned to your thoughts.

By getting detached from the physical world, you’ll become grounded, more level headed, and learn how to find peace of mind. This helps you to become proactive other than reactive. Meditation helps you to remain calm despite the challenges you’re exposed to. Meditation gives you peace of mind to observe, internalize, and evaluate a situation in your mind without getting anxious, even though everything is happening in real-time. This is more interesting.

Most people who don’t practice meditation tend to react to various events out of their usual persona. Through meditation, you get to address such issues effectively without having to lower your consciousness. You get to treat them per their priority and in a detached way free from your ego interference.

4. Source of inspiration

Most of the world’s great leaders have tapped into their subconscious mind, and that’s why they have been able to make well-informed decisions for their people’s interests. That’s the reason behind their success. People who work in fields that demand more creativity have to learn to harness their sub-consciousness or have already learned to do so.

Meditation is like a secret passage toward immediate new ideas and remedies which we could not have discovered with our conscious mind. If you have something that you have been trying to work on, but you lack ideas, try to mediate them, and evaluate them. Meditating often will fortify your connection with your subconscious mind. At no time, you will find the solutions emanating from your subconscious mind more intuitively than those resulting from your conscious mind.

It also allows you to maintain or create a much more clear state of mine. Clear thoughts can lead to clear creative thinking.

5. Helps with insomnia

One of the causes of insomnia is bombarding your mind with many thoughts that lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation declutters your mind leaving you to concentrate on important issues only. Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the reasons why people lack sleep leading to insomnia. Anyone ailing from insomnia should opt for meditation to ease its effects. The meditation will not only help you to fall asleep but also improve the quality of your sleep. It is during the sleep that the mind sorts out your mental clutter. Meditating before sleep is recommended because it declutters your mind giving you a peaceful rest.

The time it will take to cure insomnia will depend on the extent of thoughts cluttered in your mind. Some people take a few meditation sessions to have insomnia cured. In contrast, others take more meditation sessions to have insomnia cured. The best approach is to keep up with regular meditation until when the disorder is no more.

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6. Boosts your spiritual connection

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The increased consciousness from meditation naturally enhances your spiritual connection as well as intuition. A powerful connection with your intuition is of utmost importance in your day to day life. Your intuition renders you the most intelligent and vital solutions over your ego and logical mind.

Meditation is an essential workout for anyone intending to venture into psychic phenomena such as lucid dreaming. Meditation serves as a foundation workout to practice those skills. If you aren’t interested, there is no need to get upset since the possibility of a voluntary display of psychic skills is almost zero.

7. Enhance your fulfillment of life

The various benefits of meditation have a common goal that is to increase your fulfillment of life. You get to understand yourself better, think positively about yourself, and become empowered. Meditation helps you to get the most out of your daily activities.

8. It can be done anywhere

You only need to locate a place that is comfortable for yourself. Some people prefer a quiet place in their homes or the office. Places of worship are the best place to meditate because there are no disturbances, and most of the time, these places are empty.

It is also possible to meditate in an open environment. Look for a meditation room that is appealing, noise-free, and make it your meditation spot.

But the reality is, you can practice meditation even with your eyes open while you’re walking to the park, taking the bus to school or work, or even doing chores at home. It’s also available wherever you are, when you find yourself in a moment of anxiety or panic. It’s a tool you can always have in your back pocket when you need it most.

9. No costs involved

This is perhaps one of the reasons why people get allured to meditation. It doesn’t cost you anything and can be done from the comfort of your home. This means you can do it at any time of the day.

You can of course invest some money into learning and developing your practice, if you need more help, you can learn meditation on your own at home with a guided meditation app.

10. Helps you to experience more well-being

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Everyone desires to have a happy life. Meditating regularly is the best way to achieve this as it helps you to understand your life and get the best out of your life.

It helps you to appreciate your life and feel more connected to the physical world.

Try it for yourself and find your own reason

There is no doubt that meditation works, and that’s why people are implored to adopt it. The various benefits of meditation are backed by scientific evidence, so this is something that has been researched to establish the facts. Studies have shown that people who practice meditation for long are more proficient in handling the ebbs and flows of life.

The interval between thoughts slowly heightens as you continue with meditation, which allows you to evaluate your thoughts with care and, perhaps, rationally. Besides mental and psychological benefits, meditation offers physical benefits, including an exclusive healthier immune system, low levels of anxiety, reduced blood pressure, and many more.

Apart from the mental benefits, meditation is capable of broadening your consciousness, which improves your capacity to understand your desires and thoughts. Meditation helps you become more conscious and aid you in having more control over your emotions, resulting in a happy life.

As we said earlier, see for yourself. Start your practice, read up on some meditation tips, and see what you get out of meditation.

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