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How to Be A Good Person in 2023

Rachel Sharpe

When we’re going through a difficult time, it’s easy to show more negative emotions. If you’re looking to start over at the beginning of a new year or even a new day, know that it’s still possible to be a good person in 2023. Being a person who does good doesn’t need to be hard. However, there are some actions that people who are kind, thoughtful, and overall well-intentioned do that make them good. So let’s dive into a list of what makes someone good. 

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How to Be A Good Person in 2023

1. Always be kind

What makes a good person is the fact that they’re always kind. Kindness doesn’t need to be insincere. If you have nothing nice to say to someone, you don’t need to speak. Only speak when you have something to say that’s positive and thoughtful. You can be kind to people in so many ways. Holding the door open for someone is a small way to be kind that takes little effort. Wishing someone a happy birthday when you know it’s their special day is another way to be kind. Praising a coworker’s idea when they share something that will help is always a kind thing to do. Active listening is a really great way to be kind to someone when they speak to you. You can try this loving-kindness meditation to show love and kindness to the people in your life.

2. Have a calm mind

The difference between a good person and a difficult person comes down to differences in thought processes. It’s so much easier to be a good person when your mind is stable. However, when your thoughts are toxic, we become toxic. Distorted thinking often polarizes people internally. This inner conflict comes out visibly in their words and behavior. If you notice this in someone around you, have patience. There could still be many good qualities in a person who is conflicted. 

Doing acts of kindness daily can help calm the mind if you find you’re currently polarized, this is a proven method for helping people battling inner demons. Another way to silence the inner critic is to get into a flow state or do right-brain activities, such as guided meditations. The more you calm the mind, the easier it will be to be a good person. Anyone with a clear mind can be kind and good. It’s when our mind is muddied that it brings out the worst in us.

3. Do regular check-ins

Good people do regular check-ins with their friends and family. Sending daily messages or calling your parents on a daily basis is a great way to stay in the loop with them. Good people stay in touch with people because they care. You don’t need to call everyone on a daily basis. However, calling up parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends every now and then to see how they’re feeling is always a good idea. If you prefer face to face communication you could meet up with them for a meal or go for a walk together. You could also do video chats for people who live far away so you can see facial expressions. 

4. Spread positive gossip

One of the good characteristics of a person is in how they gossip. If a person gossips by saying negative things about a person, it shows the inner conflict we just talked about. However, if a person is spreading positive gossip about a person it usually shows that they’re good people. Saying positive things about a person isn’t hard. Reframing your thoughts to say positive statements about people comes by doing a bit more mental digging. Speaking poorly of someone always brings more drama to the table than speaking positively of the same person. You don’t need to lie about what you say, however, you can be selective about what you say about them instead. 

good person

5. Do good deeds

As we hinted at earlier, doing daily good deeds helps calm the mind. Those who plan acts of generosity on a daily basis, not only improve their mind but also how they view the world. If their brain is constantly scanning for opportunities to do good, it keeps them away from doing bad. It’s hard to be an evil person when you’re always planning your next big kindness gesture. You can read through kindness quotes to inspire you to take more kinder actions. Planning ahead and doing good deeds daily allows you to do more good than bad. If you’re always looking for your next opportunity to help someone, you wouldn’t go out of your way to do something vindictive or vengeful. A person who enacts revenge on someone doesn’t do daily good deeds, that’s guaranteed. 

6. Be honest

Honesty is a virtue but it’s one people don’t value. People don’t want to be told the truth, they want to be told compliments. However, a good person will continue to tell the truth even when no one wants to hear it. Honesty doesn’t need to rip someone to shreds. It could be what opens their eyes to new opportunities, people, or ways of looking at things. 

The truth isn’t always something people want to hear, but it’s better to be spoken aloud, and resolved. If you’ve done something you’re not proud of, being honest with the people you’ve hurt will allow you all to heal. However, if the truth is never spoken, it’s buried inside you, and you continue to hurt people without realizing it. 

good people

7. Always help others

Helping others is what a good person does constantly. If you ask the right questions, you’ll always know how you can help people. New moms might need help paying for groceries or baby food as their income is reduced on maternity leave. Gifting someone baby formula, a grocery gift card, or diaper set when they have a baby is a great way to support and help new parents. You can also buy food for the homeless person outside of a coffee shop you frequent. Randomly helping friends by babysitting, going for walks so they can vent, or helping them clean up after an event at their home are all ways you can help others. You can also do good deeds and acts of kindness towards strangers. Helping people when you can give is an important part of being a good person.

8. Lift people up

When was the last time you gave someone praise? If you’re a good person, your answer would probably be earlier today or yesterday. Good people always lift people up. Most people are critical of others. We often think we’re better than everyone around us. Employees think they’re smarter than their boss. Children think they’re cooler than their parents. Friends compete with each other to be the smartest, funniest, or most successful in their inner circle. Don’t be like those people. Lift the people around you up.

Be the person who always speaks highly of others. Challenge yourself to compliment someone in every meeting you’re in. Be vocal with your praise and support when people have good ideas. Don’t allow your ego to take over and make you feel insecure about yourself. There’s a place for your great ideas too. Don’t let the ego trick you into thinking that only one of you can succeed – there’s enough room for everyone’s growth. 

9. Be generous

A good person is generous. You could be generous with your time, your love, your money, or anything else you can give. Some say “there are two types of people in the world: givers and takers.” They falsely believe that the people who take the most are the ones who reap the benefits. However, that’s not true. It’s the people who give who receive the most. Knowing how much you give to others makes you feel good about yourself. It reminds you that you help people when they’re down. You’re there for people when they need you. Knowing that you’re a good person who gives more than takes, makes you feel good about your self-worth. So, if you’re a good person or aspire to learn how to be a good person, be generous with what you give to others.

10. Connect people

A good person is well connected. Good people attract others very easily. Most people can see how well-intentioned you are when you have a big heart. You might connect people to other people in their time of need. For example, if a friend loses a job, you might promote an opportunity to them that another friend is hiring for. Good people also help connect people to other resources that can support or help them through tough times. You might even help the less fortunate on a regular basis. 

connect people

11. Show up

Good people are those that always show up. As you get older, friends become less committed to their friendships and more committed to their families. However, a good person will still show up for everyone. From birthday celebrations to milestone accomplishments, you’ll be there for your friends and family in their big moments. If your friend asks you to join them for their kid’s soccer game, you arrive with two coffees in hand to support them. When your friend gets promoted at work, you’re there at the celebration dinner. No matter what milestone is achieved, you’re always on the sidelines cheering everyone on. And you don’t expect them or need people to show up for you, but they usually do anyway. 

12. Provide empathy

When comparing empathy vs sympathy, good people provide empathy more often than sympathy. Being a good person doesn’t mean that life has spared you of hardships. Actually, you’ve probably had quite a number of difficult life events that strengthened you mentally. You’re able to offer people more support for their emotional pain. When someone loses a loved one, you can provide empathy from the experience. If someone is going through a tough time, you’re an active listener who can offer emotional support. You don’t offer thoughtless statements or false positivity to try to get people through. A good person can relate to the suffering of others to help them overcome it. 

good people have empathy

13. Forgive people

A good person forgives people who have hurt them. They might still choose to cut contact with that individual or minimize contact with them. However, they won’t repeatedly remind other people of their shortcomings to spite them. They’ll make peace with the fact that nobody is perfect. Sometimes, people make bad decisions that negatively impact someone else’s life. However, the pain caused by other people often has to do with their mental state. That doesn’t excuse them of wrongdoing, but it simply highlights that there’s more than meets the eye. So, forgive people as you’ve been forgiven throughout your life and you’ll be on track to being a good person. 

14. Encourage others

A good person encourages others to be the best version of themselves while aiming that for themselves too. Good people encourage others to succeed. They aren’t afraid of their friends and family doing better than them in their area of expertise. They’re more likely to encourage others to go after their dreams and passions in life. Good people believe in others. They see the good in other people, the raw talent and big heart. They encourage others to be the star of their lives while being a proud supporter. 

good person is a cheerleader

15. Have a big heart

The people with the biggest hearts are good people. A good person will love you like no one else does. They’ll listen when you speak, support you when you’re alone, and show affection when you need it most. They’re your very own proud supporters. They do charity work, help people whenever someone needs it, and listen to people’s rants and frustrations. Find a good person and you’ll meet someone with a heart of gold, that shines on the darkest days.


If you’re looking to learn how to be a good person in 2023, all you need to do is build people up, love them, listen attentively, and spread kindness. This article listed fifteen ways to be good people but there are many different paths a good person can take. See the best in people even if others see the worst in them. A good person understands that your heart must be bigger than your thoughts. How will you be taking the actions of a good person in 2023?

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