Refer Your Employer

April 21, 2023 2023-04-21 12:07

Refer Your Employer

Get your employer to pay for your Declutter The Mind subscription.

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How it Works

Refer your employer

Fill out our referral form with your name, employer's name, and the best contact for us to reach and we'll do the rest.

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We reach out

We'll reach out, either on your behalf, or without mentioning your referral, and we'll get your employer to explore Declutter The Mind and all the benefits of meditation in the workplace.

Benefits of meditation unlocked

Once your employer purchases a subscription plan, you and your colleagues will gain access to all the premium features of Declutter The Mind Plus.

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People who already love us

Here's what existing users have been saying about our app

Howard Finkle

It’s a simple, no gimmicks meditation app that explains what mindfulness is and how it can affect all aspects of your life. It does this without trying too hard to wow you with their design and fancy courses which, in my opinion, is not anymore beneficial than just regular old mindfulness meditation.

Christine Hayward

I started the 30 day mindfulness course about a week ago. So far I am enjoying the simplicity and pace of each session. Techniques are explained, then there is sufficient time to actually practice them without prompt interruptions. The voice is authentic and calm, which is huge for me.

Monet M.

I found myself really down during this whole pandemic and decided to try meditating a few minutes before starting my day. I was having a hard time focusing on my own and have been exploring guided meditations. This app has been great! I really love starting my day with a 10 min relaxation meditation. I also find the look of the app itself to be relaxing.

Anne de Chivanney

Thanks for this great experience, it's a big help in getting a grip on unhelpful overthinking and reactions. Very pleasant voice, the pace of the guidance is perfect, the themes covered are spot on. This might actually get me to stick to a meditation routine.

Frequently asked questions

How do I refer my employer to Declutter The Mind Plus?

Simply click the “Refer your employer” button and fill out the required information. We’ll reach out for you to the best contact and decision maker in your organization.

Can I refer my employer if I am not currently a Declutter The Mind Plus subscriber?

Yes! You can still refer your employer and help your organization benefit from the powerful features of Declutter The Mind Plus.

What if my employer is not interested in purchasing a subscription plan?

While we hope your employer recognizes the value of Declutter The Mind Plus, the decision is ultimately up to them. However, you can continue to share your personal experiences with the app and its benefits to encourage them to reconsider in the future.

How long does it take for my employer to activate the subscription after purchasing?

Once your employer purchases a subscription plan, access to Declutter The Mind Plus will be granted to the selected employees instantly.

Still have questions? Contact us.

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