Meditation App for Healthcare Workers

April 16, 2023 2023-04-28 18:06

Meditation App for Healthcare Workers

Elevate well-being and resilience in the healthcare setting with Declutter The Mind.

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Why Healthcare Workers Choose
Declutter The Mind

Stress Relief and Emotional Resilience

Healthcare workers face high-pressure environments daily. Our guided meditations help build emotional resilience and alleviate stress, enabling them to provide the best care possible.

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Enhanced Focus and Decision-Making

In a field where precision and accuracy are crucial, our meditation sessions promote increased focus and clarity, supporting healthcare workers in making better decisions for their patients.

Burnout Prevention and Recovery

Declutter The Mind aids in preventing and recovering from burnout, ensuring healthcare workers maintain their passion for the profession and remain energized in their essential roles.

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Listen for Yourself


Guided meditation for productivity

10 minute guided mindfulness meditation to help you work through mental distractions before working on a task that requires your focused attention.

How to Bring Declutter The Mind
to Your Team


Purchase memberships

Bringing Declutter The Mind to your team is quick, easy, and self-serve. Never talk to a salesperson. Just choose how many memberships your team needs and purchase.

Distribute codes

You get instant access to all activation codes. Distribute to your team, or invite them, and they get a welcome packet and activation instructions. They create an account and activate.

Declutter the mind

Your team now has access to practices, courses, and talks for everything from productivity and burnout, to focus and managing work stress. Your team is healthier and happier.

Simplicity in Pricing,
Richness in Content

No hidden fees. No sales pitches. No long contracts.

Minimum 10 employees

  per user / year
  • 1-year access to all Plus content: Access only starts when a member activates
  • Full access to courses including 30-day Beginner and 10-day Focus
  • Full access to library of over 500 practices and growing
  • New meditation every single day with Daily Meditation
  • Access to Talks

Minimum 10 employees

  per user / year
  • 1-year access
  • Full access to courses
  • 500+ practices
  • Daily Meditation
  • Access to Talks

No Trials, No Demos, Just Results

Your team can explore the app and meditation library on desktop and mobile devices anytime,
without the need for trials or demos.


People who already love us

Here's what existing users have been saying about our app

Howard Finkle

It’s a simple, no gimmicks meditation app that explains what mindfulness is and how it can affect all aspects of your life. It does this without trying too hard to wow you with their design and fancy courses which, in my opinion, is not anymore beneficial than just regular old mindfulness meditation.

Christine Hayward

I started the 30 day mindfulness course about a week ago. So far I am enjoying the simplicity and pace of each session. Techniques are explained, then there is sufficient time to actually practice them without prompt interruptions. The voice is authentic and calm, which is huge for me.

Monet M.

I found myself really down during this whole pandemic and decided to try meditating a few minutes before starting my day. I was having a hard time focusing on my own and have been exploring guided meditations. This app has been great! I really love starting my day with a 10 min relaxation meditation. I also find the look of the app itself to be relaxing.

Anne de Chivanney

Thanks for this great experience, it's a big help in getting a grip on unhelpful overthinking and reactions. Very pleasant voice, the pace of the guidance is perfect, the themes covered are spot on. This might actually get me to stick to a meditation routine.

Frequently asked questions

How can our healthcare facility implement Declutter The Mind At Work for our staff?

It’s easy! Sign up for Declutter The Mind At Work and grant your employees access to our guided meditation app. They can download the app on their smartphones or tablets and start reaping the benefits of meditation immediately.

Is prior meditation experience necessary for our healthcare workers to use the app?

No, Declutter The Mind caters to both beginners and experienced meditators. Our guided sessions are tailored to suit all levels of experience, making it accessible for everyone.

Can the meditation sessions fit into a healthcare worker's demanding schedule?

Absolutely! Our app offers a range of session lengths, from quick 5-minute meditations to longer, more in-depth sessions. Healthcare workers can easily integrate meditation into their daily routine or breaks.

Is the app compatible with both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, Declutter The Mind is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for all your employees.

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