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How to Let Go of Someone You Love: 7 Ways

Amber Murphy

We’ve all been there. People change. Some relationships can start great but don’t work well in the end. Sometimes we have to accept that and let go of someone we love. That’s easier said than done. And even if you understand that on an intellectual level, it can be incredibly hard to actually do it. So we understand how you feel, and we’ve got you covered. This article will share seven effective ways to help you let go of someone you love. We know that every relationship is different, and we hope you’ll find something that works for you.

7 ways to let go of someone you love and move on

1. Add new routines and rituals to your life

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It’s easy to dismiss your self-care when you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed. However, self-care is crucial in this phase of your life. Let go of someone you love by focusing on yourself. There are tons of ways to care about yourself, and we’re not talking only about getting expensive massages or going to the spa. Self-care looks different for every one of us. It simply means taking a day off and getting enough sleep for some people. For others, it’s making a cup of their favorite tea and spending some time in silence, reading, or journaling. Some people try new skincare routines, and so on.

However, it’s not enough to do these things once or twice. The easiest way to incorporate self-care into your daily life is to introduce new routines and rituals. You don’t need a lot of time for that – even 10 minutes a day can work wonders for you. Instead, start thinking about some morning rituals to start your day. Is it getting your hair and make-up? Or is it preparing a healthy, nourishing breakfast and enjoying your organic cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Anything that will distract you from thinking about your previous relationship.

Don’t forget about evening rituals as well. Most people do well during the day because they’re busy with things to do, but they start feeling sad at night when they’re alone. The worst thing you can do for your mental health is spend time before going to bed scrolling on social media. Instead, you could journal, write gratitude lists, or read a few pages of some book.

2. Don’t stalk them on social media

It can be tempting to check your ex’s social media to see what they are up to. However, both of us know that it’s not a good idea. The things you see could upset you, but they’ll make you sad. And that’s the last thing you need in this period. So you should prioritize your own peace of mind and mental health when it comes to letting go of someone you love.

There are two solutions. The first is to block them on social media so that you can’t see their new posts even if you try to. However, if you’ve broken up on good terms and blocking them is not an option, you may consider spending some time away from social networks. Social media detox is something we all need so badly, and it may be perfect timing to do it!

Also, remind your friends not to send you any updates about your ex. They probably have good intentions, and they don’t want to hurt you by doing so. However, it’s important to explain to them that it may hurt you and that you don’t want to see or hear anything about your ex for a while.

It’s also not a bad idea to consider a social media detox. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest social media and depression are linked. Use this time to disconnect and stay offline for a bit and enjoy the real world.

3. Surround yourself with friends and family

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Sometimes you just need to stay alone to process all of your emotions. That is a completely legitimate need. However, you shouldn’t let that phase last too long, and we encourage you to reach out to your family and friends even if you don’t feel like hanging it.

You don’t need to go to parties or anything like that. You don’t even have to leave your home if you’re not ready for it. You could invite your friends over just to talk to them, or even just watch your favorite TV show together, as it’ll make you feel much better. Everything is easier when you share it with someone who loves you, and spending time with your loved ones can be very healing.

You need to create your own support system. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends. If they’re not reaching out to you first, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. Sometimes they may not be calling you, because they don’t want to bother and think that you prefer to spend time alone. So it’s important to clearly communicate your needs in this period. Your loved ones will understand and be there for you.

4. Practice meditation

Meditation allows you to take some productive time out for yourself and practice self-care, it also helps you manage these thoughts and feelings of grief, loss, and pain.

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A good practice to start with is a guided meditation for grief. Letting go of someone you love is like losing someone you love. They’re difficult feelings to deal with and a meditation practice can be a way to process these feelings healthily.

5. Talk to a professional

As much our friends want to help us and talk things through, sometimes it’s just not enough. If you feel like time is passing by, but it’s not getting any better, it might be good to seek out a professional therapist.

Remember that you don’t have to go through all this pain alone. This is one of the most common reasons why people seek therapists. They’ll be able to help you walk through all stages – from anger to sadness and grief to finally accepting and moving on. Sometimes even only one session with a therapist can help you change the way you see the world and see things differently. Even if you’ve never been to a therapist before, we highly suggest that you try it! There are various kinds of therapy, and you should explore all the options or even ask your friends for their recommendations.

6. Delete their phone number

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After breaking up, one of the most difficult things is a lack of communication. You used to talk to this person all day and share everything with them, and now you might feel lonely. That’s completely normal, and it’s part of the process. So you may be tempted to reach out to them, even if you know that it’s not a good idea.

Sometimes the only way to stop yourself from reaching out is to delete their phone number or even block them on social media. We know this is not an easy decision, but it’ll help you move on. Another trick is to reach out to your friend or family member whenever you feel like reaching out to the person you miss. You could even put them on a speed dial, so they’re the first person to call when you grab your phone. Because let’s face it. Sometimes when you have to let go of someone you love, it’s only that you miss them so much, but it’s also about habit. It feels like you have to let go of one part of your identity. You’re used to sharing your news with them, almost automatically reaching out. It’s a habit. If you start looking at it as a habit, it’ll be much easier to change it and replace it with another habit. You could even challenge yourself: “If I go X days without reaching out to them, I will reward myself with something I love.” Sometimes you have to trick your mind into doing something.

7. Visit new places and try new things

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If you spent a lot of time with the person that is no longer around, there are probably many places and activities that remind you of that person. Your favorite restaurant. The coffee shop where you’d go every Saturday. And so on.

It’s important to allow yourself to go to new places and try different things. Sometimes this could feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, but that makes it even more important. It doesn’t have to be anything big. For example, you can visit a new coffee shop that recently opened. Try some exotic food that you’ve never tried before.

Or you could start a new hobby! It can be anything, from sports to pottery. Hobbies are a great idea because they allow you to meet new people who share the same interests as you. It’s one of the best ways to create new friendships as an adult.

The main idea is to open yourself to new experiences and create new memories instead of being stuck with your old ones. It may not be easy to start doing it, but it’ll pay off!

Final word

We’re not saying that the journey will be easy, but we hope that this article inspired you to take some actions to make it easier. Don’t be mad at yourself if you’re feeling sad, angry, or similar. Be patient with yourself, but don’t get stuck overthinking. Sometimes all you need is to break a cycle and do something new. But, of course, we know that is easier said than done, and that’s why we encourage you to start with small steps. Start with anything that feels comfortable to you today, and remember that it’ll be easier with every new day. So be proud of yourself for coming this far!

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