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Guided Meditation for Suffering

Meditation is a practice that teaches you to be present in your current situation. We often tend to dwell on either the past or obsess on the future, and meditation teaches you to appreciate living in the present. It integrates clarity, awareness, and inner peace in your life as you gain a deeper understanding of who you are. Meditation isn’t just a practice, but it’s a way of life. When you put the mindfulness practice into your own life, you’ll find it easier to deal with individual struggles and challenges. This isn’t to say that your life will be perfect, but you gain elegance in dealing with both and good and bad in your life. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about guided meditation for suffering.

What is meditation for suffering?

In definition, guided meditation is when you are guided by a teacher or a practitioner in meditation, specifically through text, video, sound recording, or a different form. Unlike when doing meditation alone, someone else is guiding you through the entire practice. Guided meditation usually is what’s recommended to those who are beginners in meditation. However, even those who have been doing this practice for an extended period prefer this variety of meditation. In a guided meditation, someone may explain the dynamics of the meditation, of your mind, meditation techniques, and how to apply this in your everyday life. Guided meditation has more precision and clarity, while unguided meditation depends on your own preference and methods.

On this note, guided meditation for suffering is where someone guides you to take you out of your suffering and pain. One of the reasons why people tend to try meditation is to gain inner peace and take them away from being consumed by negative emotions, Guided meditation for suffering will help you understand your pain and suffering better, and become at peace with yourself. It enables you to know why your mind works the way that it does and how to reduce or let go of your suffering. With guided meditation, the teacher or the person guiding you can help you healthily process your suffering, so you can finally learn to accept it and let it go.

Guided meditation for suffering

a mountain covered in snow and surrounded by trees.

Meditation when suffering

This 10 minute guided meditation will help you get through a moment of suffering through mindfulness and visualization.
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How meditation reduces pain and suffering

As mentioned earlier, meditation helps you gain peace and understand what you’re dealing with. We tend to have so many thoughts daily, continually jumping from one thought to the next. Life isn’t exactly someone known to bring consistent bliss and happiness. Still, there will equally be moments comprised of pain, heartbreak, and suffering. This is inevitable. The common misconception is that meditation helps clear your mind, but that isn’t precisely accurate. It can happen, but it’s not the end goal of meditation. Having a clear mind doesn’t ultimately reduce your pain and suffering, but it makes you forget your thoughts- but what you feel is still going to be there. Instead, meditation teaches you to sit with your pain and suffering, and understand them. It allows you to have inner peace, even with the pain and suffering that is raging within you. Whether your pain and suffering comes from a tragic event or from anxiety, meditation has been proven to regulate your emotions and help you better deal with your feelings. Meditation allows you to change your perspective. It’s often our limited points of view that cause even more pain and suffering than intended.

You may not understand what the purpose is of understanding your mind regarding pain and suffering. Still, it usually is our minds that are the root of pain and suffering. The heart feels what it does, but your thoughts are what makes the pain even worst. Through meditation, you learn to sit with your pain instead of running away from them. We’re all guilty of running away from our thoughts and emotions and finding a way to escape from them. Meditation teaches you to counter this. You may be wondering why you would want to sit with your feelings instead of finding an escape from them? When you continuously use distractions, as you do with your daily life, you repress your pain and suffering, causing it to worsen. When you learn to process and sit with even your darkest feelings, you gain clarity and acceptance.

How to practice meditation for suffering

Meditation can be done anywhere, as long as you’re in an environment that you feel peaceful and comfortable in. Whether in your room, your office, your living room. Just make sure that it’s a quiet and calm environment. Meditation is relatively easy, to begin with, but the challenging part is maintaining the routine. Especially when your purpose for meditation is to reduce or let go of the suffering in your life, it has to be a routine. You don’t have to worry, because meditation usually only takes a couple of minutes in your day. It’s your preference for when you want to do your meditation routine. Most people prefer to meditate in the morning, to give them a head start before the rest of their day. Whether you’re using unguided meditation or guided meditation for suffering, do whatever is comfortable with you. However, guided meditation is more recommendable if you genuinely want to reduce the pain in your life. Since it’s a guided meditation, there’s a process and precision with the meditation routine- on which techniques you’ll follow and what you should do. There are various guided meditations for suffering. You just have to choose which platform you want to use and whether you want it through a video or audio. Meditation will genuinely change your life by dealing with the pain and suffering you’ve been holding in you.

In conclusion, I hope this was able to help you gain an insight on what guided meditation for suffering is all about, and what meditation can do in your life. Meditation isn’t as basic as it sounds, but when you get the hang out if it has the power to completely transform your life for the better. You have more peace and control in your life, but it’s beneficial for your mental, emotional, and physical health.

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