30 Day Advanced Mindfulness Course

In 30 days, deepen your meditation practice and start changing your relationship with your thoughts and emotions.

Ready to take your meditation practice to the next level?

Declutter The Mind is an app that offers a 30 day mindfulnesss meditation course for experienced meditators. After spending a few months regularly practicing, this course gives you the ability to take the next step and start to deepen your practice.

A course for experienced meditators

Practicing directing your awareness is the skill that allows you to break out of the state that so many people are stuck in. You know the state: constantly being lost in your thoughts. The 30 Day Advanced course challenges you to break out of this state by teaching you how to change your relationship to your thoughts and feelings, as well as notice more quickly when you’re distracted by thought.

Understand the Self and illusion of Self

This course will allow you dissolve your illusion of Self by pointing out the true nature of your mind. Within 30 days, you’ll begin to recognize what consciousness is actually like through the laboratory of your mind.

…and begin to declutter your mind

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