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10 Day Loving Kindness Course

In 10 days, learn how to practice loving kindness meditation and begin to feel more compassion and empathy.

Learn loving kindness and how to be more empathetic to people

Declutter The Mind is an app that offers a 10 day loving kindness meditation course. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re experienced, in 10 days you’ll learn how to be more compassionate, grateful, and increase your capacity for empathy.

a tree filled with lots of pink flowers.

10 day loving kindness course

10 day loving-kindness course to practice compassion towards others and yourself.

Explore our library and courses in our free guided meditation app Declutter The Mind.

Increase your happiness

With loving kindness, you begin to build your patience, empathy, and love for the people and world around you. With this, you’ll feel less anxiety, contempt, and negativity.

Reduce stress

Loving kindness is time you set each day to practice gratitude, love, patience, and quiet your inner critic. In the 10 day course, you’ll learn the different types of loving kindness you can practice, each with their own benefits including reducing stress.

…and begin to declutter your mind

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