One of the most powerful tools a company can use to inspire the workforce is incentives. The beauty of incentive is that it rewards a good attitude, which then inspires to continue such behavior. This creates a positive spiral, which can then impact the overall performance of a company. For example, you might be at a point in your organization where you’re exploring new employee incentive ideas, or you’re finally looking to introduce some employee incentives into your company. This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of ideas for employee incentives at whatever stage your organization or company is at.

12 Employee Incentive Ideas to Keep Your Team Happy and Motivated

1. Free Time For Volunteering

Man volunteering

When contributing to the local community, ensuring that your workers are reaping benefits for themselves and the world around them is critical.

Participating in volunteer work as part of a group effort yields the most excellent results. First, it allows your staff to contribute to the growth of the communities in which they live. Your workers will be able to enhance their morale, stimulate development in their communities, and make new connections. All these can result from the time off you allow them to volunteer. You could even organize this volunteer day on your own and pick a time when everyone could participate simultaneously.

2. Reward Personal Growth

It might be challenging to focus on one’s development, which is one of the primary reasons your organization must make significant efforts to incentivize this kind of development. Creativity plays a crucial role in your company’s success. Hence, any group that provides incentives for further development and improvement will likely emerge on top.

Directly invest in advancing your workforce by providing a stipend for professional development. Don’t set limitations on it. They are adults. Therefore, you should give them the space to find out how to invest in themselves most beneficially. However, you can recommend some ideas on how this incentive should be spent, like encouraging developments towards stress-alleviation and education.

3. Off-site Events

Group of employees playing a game

A little bit of adventure is always fun for everyone. When the team achieves particular objectives, a fantastic incentive would be to provide a company-wide off-site event. Closing a big sale is a good example and a great time to offer one of the employee incentive ideas on this list, including an off-site.

Off-site activities for a company might include anything from going to a local theater or restaurant to having a business retreat. These off-site activities are not only an excellent method for bringing your staff members closer together, but they also serve the purpose of synthesizing your company’s culture and values.

4. Pet-Friendly Environment

Most people love pets. Hence, this is a wonderful incentive idea that benefits everyone and won’t cost you much. You may even choose to celebrate “Pet Day.” You could even promote people’s pets.

Also, it allows your employees to know which of their co-workers has pet allergies or has an aversion to animals. So many people participate in Pet Day because it provides them with an opportunity to learn about a personal aspect of the lives of their colleagues.

5. Strategic Gift-giving

It’s a good idea to show your workers that you care about them by giving them gifts every once in a while, mainly if the presents are meaningful, practical, or valuable.

Incentives in the form of gifts are wonderful ways to celebrate numerous family-oriented occasions, employee gratitude, personal anniversaries, holidays, or events hosted by the company. While distributing gifts, you may even spice things up a little by including activities like team-building exercises, icebreakers, or games.

6. Meditation at work

Woman meditating

There are countless benefits of meditation at work such as improving motivation and happiness at work. Of the employee incentive ideas on this list, this is probably the most unique but as more people try meditation, the more that realize it isn’t this mystical “woo-woo” thing and instead, it’s like going to the gym for the mind. Offer folks on your team access to a guided meditation app such as Declutter The Mind and start to unlock the benefits of meditation at work.

7. Bonus Or Raise

There may not be an incentive valued more highly than pay increases and bonuses. It is a very effective method of motivating workers, particularly when these rewards are accompanied by positive feedback about their performance.

Suppose you’re planning on using possible employee incentive ideas as motivating tactics. In that case, you should lay out a clear path that explains how they may earn such bonuses or raises promptly that is acceptable for the situation.

Remember that these kinds of incentives are meant to be beneficial for everyone and are intended to boost morale and motivation. Therefore, you should avoid doing anything deemed unfair to other workers or that might stir up trouble in the workplace.

8. Tuition Fee Reimbursement

The individual and the company have to place a high value on continuing their education. Also, when a team member believes that their manager is invested in their professional development, they are more likely to put in extra effort at work.

Because of the high cost of education in the United States, companies that provide tuition reimbursement have become an increasingly attractive perk for employees or job candidates. As a result, employees equipped with some support or payment for their educational expenses are more likely to remain loyal to their present employer.

Reimbursing employees for their educational expenses gives the impression that the company values further education. This could be by paying off an education-related loan or financially supporting continuing education.

Also, the company leaders should go above and beyond just reimbursing educational expenses and actively promote the significance of furthering one’s education via appreciation, certificates, and milestones awards.

9. Health-Related Incentives

Doctor holding a phone

Incentives that revolve around one’s health are of the utmost importance for avoiding burnout because it precisely addresses the core issue. A healthy mind and body are vital components of a well-balanced professional and personal life, and they are of the utmost significance in modern society.

Important perks for one’s health and wellbeing may include opportunities for wellness, standing desks, exercise routines, travel reimbursements, meditation time, or nutritious foods.

You may even establish a health incentive program that pays people based on attaining their own fitness goals.

Employees should be encouraged to practice healthy habits at home and work. This is perhaps the most effective strategy for implementing health-related incentives. Using systems that feature constant recognition and rewards is an excellent way of supporting such incentive programs.

Employees can help one another by encouraging and supporting one another, and the creation of wellness incentive systems that are both transparent and tailored has a high chance of success and increasing morale.

10. Project Choices

One further enticing perk for your workers is the opportunity to choose their preferred projects. This may be considered a “higher level” reward for your top performers, and it is an excellent approach to motivate those individuals to take on positions of responsibility within the firm. Of all employee incentive ideas on this list, this may be the most subtle and underrated. People love the feeling of autonomy and control over the things they work on.

Your managers likely spend most of their time dealing with the maintenance of workflows, administration of structures, granting permissions, and assigning job tasks. Such an incentive can lighten the load for your leaders.

Furthermore, when leaders allow their workers to choose their professional objectives, the workforce will feel they are in an environment that is more goal-oriented, motivated, and trustworthy. This incentive is a terrific method to develop a new climate of trust inside your company, and it is a means to see which of your workers may be brought to their full potential.

Such an incentive program can also be customized, and it has the potential to be quite enticing to both the company and the employee. Your employees will have greater respect and faith in the leaders. And the leaders will be able to identify new project opportunities or assign the managers to new responsibilities thanks to the freed-up time.

This incentive program tends to change the responsibilities of your team leaders and help your members become much more communicative with one another. It is also possible to reorganize the objectives and timelines of your tasks or projects, which may benefit the company’s bottom line.

11. Flexible Working

Another incentive program you can try is to allow your employees a more flexible working environment.

Your staff members are a dedicated group who are also in the best position to understand their job requirements and responsibilities. Thus, they are better positioned to evaluate their best working hours, place of work, and how to manage their time best.

Some relish the opportunity to do their jobs from the comfort of their homes, while others are workhorses who insist on reporting to the office daily. Suppose you believe this incentive is a bit too far. In that case, you might experiment with a single day each week as a “flexibility day,” during which the employees are free to experiment with their schedules.

12. More Time Off

Man laying with his legs crossed on a dock near the water

This incentive is perhaps the most effective method for avoiding burnout and reducing tiredness. Because employees value time off highly, some workers have said they are willing to accept a pay cut if it means that they may accrue more vacation days.

Setting aside time to relax and recharge is vital in maintaining an excellent work-life balance. It also discourages your workers from thinking about looking for a new job, revitalizes the company’s spirit, and boosts employees’ motivation.

If there is room in your budget for more time off, you should consider using it as an employee incentive program.

Wrapping It All Up

Using incentives is an excellent way of improving the morale and motivation of your employees. And these two factors are very crucial for the long-term success of your company.

While the incentive ideas mentioned above are not complete, they should be enough to point you in the right direction or inspire something more fitting to your company’s structure.