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Guided Meditation for Loneliness

Guided Meditation for LonelinessIt’s not unusual for people to feel lonely in a world filled with billions of people. From…

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Guided Meditation for Heartbreak

Guided Meditation for Heartbreak Throughout our lives, we’ll all experience heartbreak. There’ll be times we’ll lose romantic partners, friends, or…

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talk to strangers

How to Start A Conversation: 7 Ways to Talk to Strangers

Meeting a stranger's gaze and taking the plunge to initiate a conversation can be one of life's most subtly daunting…

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bad day

How to Avoid Having a Bad Day

Sometimes, we meticulously plan ahead and yet no matter how hard we try, nothing goes well and we end up…

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how to disconnect

How to Disconnect After an Exhausting Day

You probably spend your whole day in front of electronic devices, working hard, and having difficult conversations. By the time…

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have a good day

How to Have a Good Day (No Matter What You Face)

Having a good day doesn’t need to seem like an impossible task. Even if you have moments where things don’t…

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