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a woman sitting on the floor in front of a window.

Types of Meditation: 7 Different Practices to Try and Learn

All meditation is created equal, right? You sit, with your eyes closed, and concentrate on deep breathing. Not necessarily. Some…

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a woman sitting on top of a mountain overlooking a valley.

How to Improve Confidence With Meditation

Confidence is a healthy belief in one's self and one's capabilities. It enables us to tackle challenges head-on and maintain…

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a woman sitting on a bench looking at the sunset.

How Meditation Reduces Stress: 6 Ways Mindfulness Lowers Life’s Stresses

One of the most common reasons people practice meditation or begin learning how to meditate is because they're looking to…

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Learn To Meditate

Learn To Meditate If you want to learn to meditate, it doesn’t require any equipment, any incense, or any chanting.…

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Guided Meditation for Gratitude

Guided Meditation for GratitudeOne of the ways to increase your gratitude and overall happiness is to meditate, particularly through guided…

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Guided Meditation for Clarity

Guided Meditation for Clarity Does your mind feel a little foggy? Guided meditation for clarity can help. The fact is…

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