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30 Day Mindfulness Meditation Course

30 Day Mindfulness Course In 30 days, learn how to practice mindfulness meditation and begin to unlock the benefits. Learn…

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Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation When we hear “mindfulness”, we might be tempted to think about some long grey-bearded sage sitting at…

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a woman sitting on top of a grass covered hillside.

10 Ways to Practice Mindfulness and Be More Present

Finding time and ways to practice mindfulness and be more present in our day to day lives doesn’t need to…

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a woman standing in a field with her hands in the air.

New Course: 30 Day Advanced Mindfulness Course

You’ve been practicing meditation and mindfulness for months and you’re starting to see some of the benefits: you’re more mindful…

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a person holding a cell phone in their hand.

9 Mindfulness Podcasts That Can Improve Your Life

Mindfulness is becoming popular as people all over the world realize the benefits of mindfulness instruction, even through mediums such…

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what is merkaba meditation

What Is Merkaba Meditation?

When people turn to meditation, they encounter a world of terms they may have never encountered before. Merkaba meditation has…

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