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Declutter The Mind for Android is here

Declutter The Mind

Android users can now enjoy the Declutter The Mind app, and all its included free guided meditations, courses, and Daily Meditation feature.

If you’re new to meditation and want to start learning how to meditate, Declutter The Mind offers a 30 day mindfulness course. If you’re an experienced practitioner of meditation, check out the 30 day advanced course.

You’ll also find within the app, a Daily Meditation, offering you a new guided meditation practice every single day.

Android users will find everything that currently exists in the iOS app, as well as all upcoming changes, improvements, and guided meditation practices and courses, coming to both apps.

Here are just some of the things users are saying about the app:

Game changer
I have been on and off meditating for years but wanted to pick up a daily practice. I have never been great at it because my mind tends to wander. I started by using the essentials 30 day meditation. It’s only 10 minutes each day and you are taught great techniques to keep your mind from wandering. I have stuck with it for 5 days now and look forward to my meditation everyday. I love this app!

Reviewed several and meditations and quickly identified favs

I first used the sleep meditation and now use it every night. I reviewed quite a few others like body scan, walking in nature plus several others. I easily identified those I really was attuned to and find that I am motivated to use them as needed. This app fits my lifestyle very well and I enjoy a more mindful existence now.

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