Looking for an Insight Timer alternative?

Declutter The Mind provides free guided meditations that’ll teach you how to meditate and decrease the mental chatter in your mind.

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What Declutter The Mind offers

Meditations to Manage Emotions

Our growing library provides free guided meditations on topics such as anxiety, happiness, loving kindness, stress, and more. New guided meditations will help you manage difficult emotions, increase your focus, and provide you with mental clarity.

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30 Day Mindfulness Course

Beginners looking to make meditation a habit can try a 30 Day Mindfulness course that’ll help you reap the maximum benefits meditation offers. In this course, you’ll learn how to meditate and deepen your meditation practice through the habit.

New Meditations Added Daily

The Daily Meditation feature helps keep your meditation practice fresh and focused. Each day, you’ll be able to follow along to a brand new meditation that helps you improve a different aspect of your mind to ensure you’re continually strengthening your ability to control your mind.

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the guided meditation app on an iphone. a person sitting on a couch holding a cell phone.

Secular Meditations

Declutter The Mind is a secular meditation app without the woowoo. We use guided meditations to help you learn to manage wandering thoughts in a practical manner. Our goal isn’t to “heal” you but to teach you how to stop following your thoughts down a rabbit hole.

Why We’re The Best Insight Timer Alternative

Our goal is to help make meditation approachable, habitual, and effective to bring out the best in you. Just as you might go to the gym to strengthen the muscles in your body, the brain also benefits from exercise too. Meditation is the best exercise for the brain. As an Insight Timer alternative, Declutter The Mind will help you silence the mental chatter in your brain so you can better focus on what you love.

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Declutter The Mind was created by a 15+ year practitioner of Vipassanā meditation. We created the app as an Insight Timer alternative because we wanted to make meditation more accessible to the people who could benefit from it the most. Instead of using gimmicks like celebrities to teach meditation, you’ll find that Declutter The Mind creates secular meditations without the woowoo. If you’re serious about learning how to manage difficult emotions, develop a sense of inner peace, and quiet the mental chatter in your mind, you’ll enjoy the fact that Declutter The Mind is the best Insight Timer alternative. Our app takes a mature approach to meditation to help you improve your mind.

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Unlock the benefits of meditation