Guided Meditation for Coronavirus Anxiety

With the news of the current pandemic entering our consciousness every day, it can become quite stressful while going about our day to day lives. The Coronavirus is not only affecting many people’s health and lives around the world, but it’s also creating anxiety. Working on your mental health and managing your anxiety through this Coronavirus pandemic is one of the most important things you can be doing. Not only to keep your immune system and self healthy but also to keep you sane as you cope with this.

Whether the pandemic is worse or not as bad as projected isn’t what we’re addressing here. What we’re discussing is the anxiety created by the Coronavirus and the news and panic around it. If you can manage this, you’ll be in a much better position to respond and deal with this changing situation. Meditation is one tool we can access to sit and practice mindfulness. We’ve put together this page to offer resources and help, as well as guided meditation practices for Coronavirus anxiety.

Guided meditations for Coronavirus anxiety

We’ve included various practices that can help you manage anxiety and stress around the Coronavirus pandemic. To work these into your daily life, we recommend using the practice to start your day, as well as near the end of your day.

If you need more practices or practices you can use anywhere, try our meditation app. Our guided meditation app, Declutter The Mind, is free and contains a free ever-growing library of guided meditations.

There are practices within the app to help you with different goals and issues you may be facing. Everything from stress to sleep.

Guided practice for Coronavirus anxiety

Other ways to deal with panic around Coronavirus

While meditation is excellent for day to day maintenance around your mental health, there are different ways to help you cope during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Minimize your time on the news

While you may find it to be essential to stay informed during this Coronavirus pandemic, most news is sensationalist. It’s more interested in getting views or clicks than informing you. If you’re looking to stay informed without the panic, it’s better to stick with the official sources or sources that are heavily edited and cited. For example, use your government website to monitor changes to the situation in your country. Use Wikipedia to stick with factual information such as total cases and deaths. It’ll help you stay informed without the added drama that creates anxiety.

Try a short social media detox

Social media is vital if you’re using it to stay in touch with family and friends while you’re self-isolating. However, if you’re using social media to stay up to date on the Coronavirus pandemic, we recommend you don’t. Again, you want to be wary of people and pages spreading fear and disinformation. Social media may create more anxiety than necessary. Instead, try a social media detox. Give yourself some time to not only isolate yourself from large gatherings but also isolate yourself from social media during this time as well.

Get fresh air and go for walks

While you’re avoiding large crowds and social-distancing, don’t allow yourself to become cooped up too long in your home. Fresh air will help you relax and keep you sane.

Take a walk around the block, spend some time on your balcony or patio, open a window, and have walking meetings around the house.

Stay active, even if you’re self-isolating

Exercise is not only good for the body (and your immune system), it’s good for your brain. Don’t forget to take some time to stay active during this period.

Even if you’re home and gyms are closed, you can still do bodyweight exercises or follow along on YouTube with a yoga practice.

Get sleep

Finally, ensure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. The last thing you want to allow anxiety to affect is your sleep, as this can create a snowball effect.

Stop yourself from reading the news at night, and try to disconnect from the internet 2 hours before going to bed to allow your mind to decompress.

Get the app

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