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17 Meditation Gifts That’ll Help People Live Presently and Mindfully

Rachel Sharpe

Meditation gift ideas don’t have to be hard to come by. If you’re trying to find the perfect meditation present for a friend, family member, or coworker for any special occasion, you’ll likely find something on this list that you can give to them. We’ve included gifts of various price ranges so you can find the best meditation gifts within your budget. So if you’re looking to find a special present for a meditator, you’ll want to keep reading this list for 17 meditation gifts that’ll help people live presently and mindfully. 

17 Meditation Gifts That’ll Help People Live Presently and Mindfully

1. Declutter The Mind App

Woman laying on floor listening to guided meditation from Declutter The Mind app

The best meditation gift you can give to a friend or loved one is the Declutter The Mind meditation app. You can pay for their subscription to the app so that they can practice a guided meditation every day in the comfort of their home, on their commute, at a park, or anywhere with their phone can join them. This meditation app is available on both Google Play and the App Store so a subscription is possible no matter what device they’re on. The meditation app includes guided meditations for anxiety, stress, mindfulness, anger, sleep, focus, cravings, and much more. This meditation gift also includes meditation courses both for beginners and advanced meditators that you can follow along to to help you commit to practicing meditation regularly for maximum meditation benefits

400+ Free Guided Meditation PracticesDeclutter The Mind will help you live more mindfully and understand your mind better with a growing library of free guided meditation practices, courses, and daily meditation practices.

2. “Be Mindful” Reminder Coin

So many of us are in our heads all day on autopilot. It can be hard to remind ourselves to find little moments of mindfulness, wherever we are.

The Be Mindful mindfulness reminder coin serves as a physical reminder for you or your friend or loved one in your life to practice mindfulness and be more present throughout the day. It’s a symbol of dedication to a practice and to yourself or themselves to live a more examined life. You can use this coin during various guided meditations including this guided object meditation.

They can keep it in their pocket and receive a physical reminder whenever they reach in. They can leave it on their work desk as a symbol to find more time to be mindful while they work. It’s a memento to live out of autopilot and more in the world and present moment.

3. The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker

The Art of Noticing is a great meditation gift for avid readers who love practicing meditation. The book details various practices that you can do in everyday life to practice being more mindful of your environment. If you have a friend who’s looking to advance their meditation practice by living mindfully in the world, this book will detail what things to look up for. For example, there’s a recommended practice of mindful eating which encourages you to thoroughly chew your food and taste what you eat with no distractions. There’s another activity in the book that encourages you to look up while you walk. In this case, you’ll need to stop walking to look up to the sky and observe your surroundings. This practice can help you become observant of something new in your regular walks simply by changing your gaze. Ultimately, the book has all sorts of activities like that that you can practice by living presently. 

4. Lavender Candle 

Lavender candle and plant laying on table

The scent of lavender has a calming effect that can help relax the most tense people. Some people who meditate do so to help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. If you’re looking for a meditation gift for an anxious person, a lavender candle can be a great gift. If you’d like you can take this a step further by giving them a lavender self-care package with lavender shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and more. You can tell them that the lavender shower essentials can be used for a shower meditation. And the candle can be used for a seated practice. Just make sure to remind them not to leave the candle unattended. We wouldn’t want their calming meditation gift to start a fire. 

5. A Year of Mindfulness Journal by Jennifer Raye

One of the meditation gifts you can buy for a mediator is a mindfulness journal that will help encourage them to live more mindfully. In the journal, your friend will find activities for them to try to help them practice mindful living. You’ll find activities such as one where you’re encouraged to monitor your first few thoughts in the morning to determine if they’re active or slow. The book contains 52 weeks worth of activities and one for each day of the week. So this could be a great holiday gift for meditators as it could coincide with a New Year’s resolution to live more mindfully. 

6. Meditation Cushions by Halfmoon

Meditation cushion

A meditation present that you can give a loved one is a meditation cushion. Often in meditation it is encouraged to be in a seated and upright position to ensure that you stay alert during your practice. The meditation cushions from Halfmoon come in various styles, heights, and colors to suit the style of any meditator. The raised cushions are perfect for sitting more comfortably. The lower cushions are perfect for sitting cross-legged. You can also purchase meditation cushion sets if you’re unsure of which style your loved one or friend would prefer. You can also find other meditation gift ideas on this website, such as blankets, singing bowls, clothing, and more. 

7. Tea by Tease Tea

If you’re looking for an affordable meditation gift, you might consider purchasing a tea set from Tease Tea. You’ll be able to find flavors, such as Calming Chamomile, Focusify, Golden Slumbers, and many more. Ultimately, if you know why someone meditates: to relax, to sleep, or to focus, you’ll be able to find a tea that matches those needs as well. Many people who meditate also enjoy drinking tea. By drinking the tea mindfully, you can experience the flavors as they swirl through your mouth. Plus, after water, tea is the most popular drink in the world so the likelihood that someone will enjoy it is pretty high. Tease Tea also has gift sets for self-care, building a tea bar, and an iced tea brewer.

8. Buddha Board

Person using Buddha Board to create a water painting

Buddha Boards are some of the most popular meditation gifts to give someone. Meditation isn’t just about sitting cross-legged on the floor mindfully. That’s just the practice. There are activities you can do that require you to focus presently which can also put you in a meditative state. For example, painting is a meditation activity that can help you practice mindful living. Buddha boards are essentially painting easels that allow you to create art. They’re often used with water brushes. Some use them in meditation classrooms to give people an activity to do as they practice meditation in an engaging way. 

9. Wood Chimes for Sound Meditation

Depending on what type of meditation your friend practices, wood chimes might be an appropriate meditation present to gift to them. They’re often used in sound meditation. They’re sometimes called meditation chimes if you’re looking to search for it online. Oftentimes, an instructor uses the meditation chimes to create sounds as his or her students mindfully listen to it. If your friend has expressed interest in leading a meditation class, this may be a good gift for them to gain some practice creating a meditative state through sounds. However, this meditation gift for teachers will be more likely used to help others rather than to help themselves.

10. The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

When you experience a meditative state, many times people refer to it as a state of joy. The book of joy shares the lessons from the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu to create a more joyful world through their shared wisdom from experiencing a joyful life. Some meditators practice to help themselves find joy in their daily life and this book can help them uncover what it takes to experience this wonderful feeling themselves. This book is highly rated with mostly five star reviews making this an enjoyable read and a fantastic meditation gift.

11. Meditation Figurines

Buddha figurine

A wonderful meditation gift for him or her is meditation figurines. You can choose the style based on who your friend is. For example, if you have a friend that is Buddhist and practices meditation because of their religious ideology, you might choose to purchase a meditation figurine of Buddha. If your friend does not practice a religion but loves meditating, you might choose a non-denominational meditation figurine. If your friend is more playful, you might buy a fun meditation figurine such as a Rafiki one. Ultimately, you’ll need to choose the figurine that best matches their personality, their home, and that’s aligned with how they view meditation. 

12. Positive Affirmation Art

If you’re looking for a meditation gift for the home, you might choose to buy some art. While this art isn’t stereotypical for the average meditator, it may be a good splurge nonetheless. With this art, you’ll be able to share some positive affirmations that they can run through their mind. For example, be kind is a good practice for any meditator. In theory, we understand the importance of being kind. However, when it comes to practice, difficult moments make it harder for us to act that way sometimes. However, the signage can act as a reminder to be kind and may encourage your friend to do acts of kindness. The collection also includes messages such as “Dream Big” and “Believe in Yourself” which can be encouraging to hear when you’re struggling to find that inner confidence. This can be an excellent meditation gift for someone who needs some positive reinforcement. 

13. Positive Thoughts Art

If you’re looking for other artwork as a meditation gift for friends this positive thoughts piece might be a contender. It features the quote, “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” Meditation is all about noticing your thoughts. By noticing them, a meditator may be able to recognize if their thoughts lean negative or positive. If their thoughts lean negative, having a reminder to focus or think positive thoughts can help create a more positive life. The reminder to add positive thoughts to your day can help change how you perceive that day. If you have a friend who tends to think negatively, this may be a good meditation present to gift to them. 

14. 3-Minute Devotions for Men by Barbour Staff 

Looking for meditation gifts for him? This book contains 180 encouraging readings that only take 3-minutes that cater to men. If you’re looking for a meditation gift for men, this book can be a good start. These 3-minute devotions give you passages to read that you can meditate or reflect on. There are more than enough to last several months to help a man get started on his meditation journey before he takes on meditation on his own. The book does have a religious lean on it so if the man you’re purchasing this book for isn’t religious or doesn’t believe in God then this wouldn’t be the right book for him. 

15. Breathe, Mama, Breathe by Shonda Moralis

Want to find the best meditation gifts for her? This meditation book is about mindfulness for busy moms. The book contains over 60 mindfulness break ideas such as a breakfast without your phone or newspaper. Moms can be pretty busy so finding time to be mindful or meditate can be hard. Fortunately, this book discusses several ways to incorporate some breathing in the little moments of your day. Some of the activities include bonding and being mindful with your children. So it’s best to make sure that the woman you give this meditation present to has children. 

16. Meditation Clothes for Women

Woman sitting and meditating wearing meditation clothing

Not all meditation gifts for her involve reading or being mindful. Sometimes, something as simple as clothing can enhance their meditative experience. For example, these harem pants may be quite comfortable to meditate in if you’re sitting on a cushion. She won’t be wondering if these pants are too revealing from behind. She won’t be worried how she is being perceived in them. They’re comfortable and loose which makes them perfect for keeping your meditation practice focused, you know, instead of focusing on how your clothing fits or how its perceived. 

17. Meditation Clothes for Men 

And since we believe in balance, we figure we’ll throw in some more meditation gifts for him. You can also buy meditation clothing for men. This style of shirt has been quite popular due to its casual style. It’s loose fitting so it’ll fit comfortable for men of various sizes. It comes in 20 different colors so you’ll have many options for choosing a color that he loves best. And since it’s loose fitting, you’ll likely not notice how your clothing fits during your practice. 


Whether you’re looking for meditation gifts for him or meditation gifts for her, you’ll find various different items to give to a friend or family member during their birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, or any other special occasion. We hope we made your shopping experience for finding the best meditation gifts a little bit easier.

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