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10 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating: Tips for Eating Mindfully

Mindful eating isn’t something that’s hard to practice. So, why do so few people eat mindfully? Maybe we’re distracted by…

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Self-Isolation: 20 Calming Activities To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

With most of the world self-isolating and practicing social distance because of the coronavirus, it seems like now more than…

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How to Stop PTSD Nightmares: From Real Life Experience

When I was 23 years old, I was diagnosed with PTSD after a sexual assault. The advice I’m going to…

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90+ PTSD Quotes to Help Survivors Cope with Trauma

PTSD quotes can be some of the most honest representations about what it’s like to have post traumatic stress. Some…

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How to Get Mentally Strong: 17 Traits of Mentally Strong People

Mentally strong people can handle anything life throws their way. It’s not because they’ve been born with superpowers that the…

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How to Live a Good Life: 15 Good Life Tips to Follow in 2020

Living a good life is what most people desire. People want to be happy, healthy, and live a life that’s…

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