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How To Embrace Change and Why It’s Good

Change is an inevitable part of life. As we continue to grow physically, other areas in our lives will also…

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how to love yourself

How to Love Yourself: 20 Ways to Start Loving Yourself Again

In our everyday lives, it’s a normal to struggle with low self-esteem and the act of loving yourself. There are…

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How to Start Living for Yourself: 9 Ways to Take Back Control of Life

There seems to be some kind of unfair perception around living for yourself. Many people feel like this is very…

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How to Find Joy in Life Every Single Day

There's been some confusion between joy and happiness for a long time. Although both are associated with pleasant feelings, they're…

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How to Feel Your Feelings: 10 Ways to Fully Allow Yourself to Feel

It's easy to sweep feelings under the rug and pretend they don't exist, but this will cause more problems than…

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Will Meditation Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is known to be the most common killer disease nowadays. An approximate 7.1 million deaths per year…

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